DXC Technology and VMware Overcome Complex Digital Transformation Challenges with VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services

The world has been nothing short of challenges in the past few years. With disruptions to the supply chain, rising interest rates, geopolitical issues, and a possible recession, companies are rethinking their approaches to evolving and growing their businesses.

For many organizations, finding ways to efficiently scale and do more with limited resources is top of mind. For many, though, it's putting in motion a more complete digital transformation. DXC Technology, a leader in the IT services industry and a VMware partner, has more than 60 years of experience helping businesses modernize their IT operations through innovative solutions.

"The main challenge over the next few quarters will be to find the right balance between what to invest in, how to accelerate, and what to optimize," says Sam Mathew, DXC Technology's vice president and head of sales for cloud infrastructure.

Digital transformation is a continual process: new technologies and innovations mean there is always something to improve. But for many organizations, the easy tasks are complete, leaving only the more difficult—and often more expensive—projects to focus on.

A Partnership to Solve Complex Challenges

For DXC Technology, the toughest projects are where we excel. Successfully running an IT program and deriving value from it is difficult for customers, so DXC built a platform and practice called Cloud Right™ to help customers succeed. "We bring the experience to manage mission-critical infrastructure and applications for customers worldwide. VMware is one of our leading partners as we work to make it all happen," says Mathew.

For over 15 years, DXC Technology and VMware have worked together to engage customers throughout their entire lifecycle, from designing and building, to implementation and maintenance. The joint solutions of the two companies provide ways for mutual customers to achieve their business goals and be successful with their digital transformations.

"DXC Technology is optimistic about VMware Cross-Cloud managed services because it provides a solid structure to our existing managed services capability and helps us manage a cross-cloud environment more precisely," says Mathew.

Since digital transformations are often designed to take advantage of multi-cloud platforms and capabilities, self-managing the myriad systems could be difficult for companies. With VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, customers can take full advantage of the technology available to them to reach their transformation goals.

Optimizing Modernization for Connected Organizations

Digitally transforming one business is a challenge. However, when an organization also has a subsidiary with its own requirements and manages technology transformations for its customers as well, everything quickly becomes a lot more complicated.

DXC Technology's customer, a property insurance company, needed a new direction for digital transformation to accommodate its special circumstances. The customer wanted to modernize IT operations for the property insurance side of the business and transform how their subsidiary was managing its own customers.

With design and implementation assistance from VMware, DXC Technology took a balanced, multi-cloud approach to the transformation. While many of the mainframe applications the joint customer was using were too expensive to be moved to a public cloud, DXC was able to migrate a portion of the workloads. The rest were then transferred from the customer’s data centers to public data centers, two of which were DXC owned.

Within an aggressive eight-month time frame, DXC Technology, VMWare, and several other partners implemented a management platform for the insurance company to sustain their own IT operations and their subsidiary’s. "It's a big success because we completed phase one on time and within budget," Mathew says. "We're looking forward to rolling out more features and functionality in the next phase."

With VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, DXC will be able to continue to help more customers succeed with their digital transformations as they have with countless businesses in the past. "VMware and DXC have worked together to achieve success for many customers as they accelerate the value of IT. I'm excited for what future brings, where together, we'll continue to help companies unlock productivity across their businesses," says Mathew.

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