evoila Accelerates Multi-cloud Transformations, Leveraging a Passion for Technology, and a Collaborative Partnership with VMware

As the world moves toward multi-cloud, evoila is leading the transformation across Europe. Together, this innovation-driven IT services company and VMware are taking on the challenges customers face when adopting a multi-cloud strategy and guiding them to the optimal solutions for their business.

Johannes Hiemer, evoila’s CEO, explains, “Most of our projects start with consulting. We help customers develop a vision and then design a technology solution to support that vision. But where we are highly differentiated is we always encourage customers to engage us as a managed services provider. We think managed services are the key to simplifying the complexity of a multi-cloud environment and realizing the outcomes our customers want.”

One of the main challenges many customers face in a multi-cloud environment is their software developers end up working in cloud silos. In partnership with VMware, evoila is on a mission to change that. Hiemer says, “VMware’s multi-cloud roadmap is important to evoila because it addresses many of the complexity problems we see customers facing when adopting multi-cloud.”

He continues, “Using solutions like Tanzu, we can help customers establish a seamless application development program in a multi-cloud environment and provide the solutions the business needs to grow. We like to say, ‘speed is queen.’ We want to provide customers a solution they can use within weeks, not months or years. We can accelerate their multi-cloud transformation with Tanzu.”

Importantly, the technology skills and service experience evoila brings to each customer engagement helps them reduce the risks inherent in any major transformation. Jürgen Horak, who leads evoila’s international operations, says, “Thanks to our long-standing partnership with VMware, we can assure customers that we know what we’re doing because we have done it before. We earned all the VMware master service competencies, validating our capabilities.”

Delivering cloud-smart Value to a Leading Automaker

evoila proved the value of its capabilities for a solution delivered to one of the largest automakers in the world, Volkswagen. Like most auto companies, Volkswagen operates a financial services arm to handle financing and leasing. It is a critical part of the business, instrumental in enabling Volkswagen to compete in the global market.

The customer was building a cloud-based application platform to run its leasing business worldwide. Naturally, the platform required very high availability—dealers in every time zone on earth rely on the leasing application daily. However, the legacy application experienced frequent downtime. The new platform needed to support 24/7 global access and scale seamlessly to keep up with ongoing business growth.

The Volkswagen team had begun development using Pivotal Cloud Foundry, but seeing a multi-cloud future, they turned to evoila to guide their next steps. Hiemer says, “We worked with the customer to design a complete software-defined data center stack with a cloud-native application platform built on VMware Tanzu. The customer adopted the Tanzu platform very quickly. Within the first two years, the team was getting new Tanzu clusters on board every month.”

Today, Volkswagen dealers around the world can set up their customers with leases, confident that the application will be available and responsive to create a positive customer experience. “We delivered the scalability and the mandatory service availability dealers demand,” Hiemer reports. “Working collaboratively with the customer’s team, we were able to achieve platform availability of over 99.9 percent—a substantial improvement.”

Enabling Continuous Innovation in a Rapidly Changing Cloud Landscape

As the multi-cloud world continues to evolve, evoila is in a strong position to help customers navigate through the challenging journey to reach the outcomes they seek. Being a VMware partner is central to making that happen. Horak notes, “Through our relationship with VMware, we have access to a growing portfolio of multi-cloud solutions. This gives us the possibility to innovate constantly.”

In fact, continuous innovation is essential to keep up with a rapidly changing cloud landscape. New choices are always emerging, requiring smart decisions on which cloud or clouds to implement and how to assure continuity across all clouds. “VMware Cross-Cloud Services are beneficial to us when implementing multi-cloud solutions for our clients,” Horak says. “Whether it’s building and running the solution or monitoring and managing multiple clouds, there’s a huge and rich portfolio from VMware that enables us to deliver proper solutions for our clients.”

Hiemer adds that being “cloud smart” makes the difference. “For evoila, cloud smart means navigating through the rising complexity of multi-cloud to help customers succeed. Being in the VMware cloud-smart ecosystem, we know we have the right partner by our side for the multi-cloud world.”

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