Expedient and VMware Free Enterprises from Data Center Challenges with VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services

Data presents many challenges for companies of all sizes. Data storage and mitigating the risk that comes with data, particularly for businesses in regulated industries, must be a priority.

Fortunately, it’s not a challenge that businesses have to handle alone. Expedient, a managed cloud and data center services company and VMware partner, works very closely with VMware to take the burden off their customers by getting them out of the data center business, simplifying their IT operations, and providing them with a suite of multi-cloud managed services to deliver the results they need.

With Expedient, enterprises can focus on what differentiates them from their competitors instead of how to manage their infrastructure. One of the key services Expedient provides is server management and monitoring, which gives customers full visibility over their day-to-day operations. Now, through VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, the VMware partner can also enable customers to continuously deliver and scale services, no matter where work needs to happen—at the edge or in the cloud..


The Value of Partnering with VMware

"Expedient has been providing infrastructure solutions with VMware for more than 15 years. As a result of that expertise, wherever clients need to optimize their workloads, Expedient looks to VMware Cross-Cloud managed services," says Jonathan Rosenson, Expedient President and Chief Operating Officer.

By working with many enterprises to take over and then turn their data centers into multi-tenant centers that can serve multiple clients, the VMware partner expands their services even further across the United States.

Expedient's focus on data center and cloud platform management also means they can fully leverage the larger VMware partner ecosystem. "One of the things that most excites me about VMware Cross-Cloud managed services is that it’s an offering that can immediately benefit any client," Rosenson adds.

The extensive VMware Cross-Cloud managed services ecosystem means partners like Expedient can find more opportunities, and in turn, customers get the right combination of solutions to solve their business challenges.

Helping Further Modernize a Forward-Thinking University

Exiting the data center business is no small feat. Since opening its doors nearly 50 years ago and largely operating as an online educational institution ever since, the University of Phoenix in Arizona had a large data center. As time went on and costs for operating the data center continued to rise, the institution understood that it was increasingly important to move as many workloads as possible to the cloud.

After the university had made several unsuccessful attempts at transitioning to the cloud on its own, Expedient and VMware were able to offer something the institution didn't know was even possible: a facilities-based managed services provider.

"Through Expedient Enterprise Cloud, based on VMware technologies, we were able to migrate the majority of the university's workloads to the cloud. For those that couldn't be migrated, we provided physical co-location, giving the university some much-needed cost control," Rosenson says.

As a result, the institution gained a better understanding of their long-term operational data costs, freed up resources to better take advantage of cloud-native technologies, and eliminated the costs—and headaches—of running their own data center.

"I'm extremely optimistic about the future because multi-cloud and hybrid computing is the future," Rosenson says. "Companies are actively deciding to use multi-cloud more effectively, and the partnership between Expedient and VMware—as well as others in the VMware partner ecosystem—are helping to successfully manage the complexity that comes with multi-cloud."

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