Fondo Enables Customers to Work Smarter and More Efficiently—Anywhere, Anytime—by Partnering with VMware

Employees with a satisfying workspace tend to work more productively and remain with their employers longer. Fondo understands this basic principle and specializes in optimizing workspaces to help people work smarter and more effectively—anywhere, anytime, with absolute security. And VMware has been part of Fondo’s journey for more than a decade.

Marc van Rinsum, managing partner at Fondo, explains, “By combining our expertise in VMware Anywhere Workspace solutions with a full range of professional services, we’re able to help our customers provide a better daily work experience for their employees. They can work and collaborate from anywhere in one environment with desktop, security, and multi-cloud capabilities fully integrated. All that is really important to organizations today.”

When engaging with customers, Fondo focuses on their long-term roadmap to not only deliver a solution that meets their needs today but also provides a path to the future. Throughout that journey, van Rinsum says his team takes a customer-first approach, always focusing on customer success and the end-user experience.

“Technology is evolving very quickly, and many of our customers are challenged by complexity,” van Rinsum points out. “In partnership with VMware, we help them reduce complexity while providing flexibility for their employees to access workloads running in any cloud regardless of their physical location.”

Improving the Employee Work Experience While Lowering Costs

To illustrate the impact Fondo delivers to customers, van Rinsum shares the experience of a large city in the Netherlands with 1,300 employees that must be able to work from anywhere to serve residents. The primary challenge was that the city had numerous point solutions, limiting visibility, and exposing security risks. The solution? Fondo worked with the customer to deploy a VMware Anywhere Workspace solution.

“By implementing the Anywhere Workspace, we gave the customer more visibility into the entire environment through a single pane of glass of the IT resources used by employees,” van Rinsum reports. “This provides employees with a secure and easy way to access their applications. The result is a more satisfying work experience and an improvement in efficiency as well. Another outcome was a reduction in the number of point solutions to manage, saving the customer time and lowering their total cost of ownership.”

Additionally, van Rinsum emphasizes that understanding how people work on a daily basis is the key to delivering a successful Anywhere Workspace solution. “We work closely with customers, focusing on every stage of solution planning, employment, and rollout,” he notes. “Delivering a successful solution goes beyond the technology. It includes providing the necessary knowledge, as well as developing training and educational programs for end users. All this is to help them apply that technology to their everyday work processes in order to gain the most value possible out of the solution.”

Technology Plus People Results in Customer Success

Looking toward the future, van Rinsum is optimistic about VMware’s multi-cloud roadmap and the additional opportunities it brings for Fondo to deliver customer value. “As a VMware partner, we constantly see new ways to help our customers optimize and secure their environments. With VMware’s multi-cloud strategy, we can offer the flexibility to do that anywhere, whether on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or VMware Cloud.”

To conclude, van Rinsum adds, “The most important thing for enabling customer success is not just the technology—it’s the people who are involved. Our collaboration with VMware allows Fondo to bring the best people in the industry to the table to address each customers’ unique needs and objectives. That is how we consistently deliver successful outcomes.”

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