Fujitsu Delivers cloud-smart Solutions in Partnership with VMware to Help Businesses and Societies Progress

Fujitsu is focused on digitizing enterprises around the world by bringing together a broad portfolio of advanced technologies and services, working with a select group of trusted partners. For more than 20 years, one of those key partners has been VMware.

Paul Kember, Fujitsu’s head of global strategic alliances in Europe, says, “VMware is one of our most important partners globally. They touch Fujitsu at every point of our portfolio. We work with VMware on the platform business, on infrastructure, data protection solutions, all the way through to desktop services, and importantly these days, the move to hybrid or multi-cloud.”

For Fujitsu, serving customers is all about delivering the right solutions that enable them to transform their businesses to not only enable growth and profitability but also benefit societies and have a positive impact on the environment. Kember points out that VMware complements that mission

perfectly: “VMware supports the portfolio we take forward to deliver business and societal impact. Our companies share a mutual understanding on the future needs of our customers, and there’s great synergy in how we work together. That spans everything from enabling customers to work in a hybrid environment to having the flexibility to scale their compute resources up or down across a multitude of clouds.”

Fujitsu has built its successful VMware practice in part by investing in training and certifying its people with the highest levels of VMware credentials. This empowers the Fujitsu team to advise customers on the right combination of VMware and Fujitsu offerings to ensure those customers achieve the outcomes they want.

Delivering Business Agility and Digital Resilience

In many cases, Fujitsu works with organizations that require assistance reviewing their infrastructures to understand what changes will help them operate most efficiently and with maximum agility. But at the same time, they need to ensure their infrastructure assets are protected for the future. Fujitsu’s work with cycling apparel maker Bioracer is a prime example of this scenario in action.

Like many companies, Bioracer historically had all of its information assets in one data center. They came to Fujitsu needing disaster recovery and the ability to scale their data-intensive files for the future. Kember explains, “In conjunction with VMware, we created a solution that enabled Bioracer to move to dual data centers, replicate their data, and access that data from wherever they operate in the world. And with secure backup, we helped them protect their business with digital resilience.”

He adds, “We provided them a platform for growth. Not only did it protect their assets in a time of great difficulty and massively rising costs, it now gives them a platform to move to public cloud in the future. It gives them flexibility and, within that, the ability to scale up and scale down. That’s where VMware complements our capabilities with a range of offerings that we can match to each customer’s unique situation.”

To that point, Fujitsu and VMware are currently working on an innovative offering called uScale, which provides flexible resource consumption. Kember notes, “VMware have been fantastic in collaborating on this service capability where customers benefit from only paying for what they consume.”

This consumption model is ideal for many types of companies that face periodic spikes in end-customer demand. For example, a company like Bioracer may see a surge in sales during the busy holiday shopping season. With uScale, companies can seamlessly scale up their capacity during peak demand and then scale back down when volume returns to normal. “Customers are demanding this type of infrastructure agility today,” Kember points out. “Consumer service expectations are so high, companies must live up to them, but do so in a secure, automated, and protected fashion. That’s what Fujitsu and VMware deliver.”

Helping Customers be cloud-smart

As Fujitsu and VMware pursue ongoing opportunities to benefit businesses and societies with transformative technology solutions, Kember says that being part of VMware’s cloud-smart ecosystem is an important advantage. “We like the idea of being cloud-smart. It's about delivering the right cloud for the right application. Not everything is going to public cloud. A lot of data needs to be kept on prem or in sovereign clouds. We're seeing almost every company adopt a multi-cloud and hybrid IT strategy. So cloud-smart is exactly how we approach those situations.”

In addition to enabling customers to adopt private clouds, Fujitsu works with all the public cloud providers, providing extensive cloud assessment services to identify which type of cloud is best suited for which workloads. Fujitsu then leverages VMware’s multi-cloud offerings to make the match.

“We have an offering called Fujitsu Cloud Managed Services, designed in conjunction with VMware, which allows us to not only move workloads but to manage those workloads across multiple clouds,” Kember notes. “This saves the customer time and complexity.”

Looking forward, Kember adds, “As a partner, we are very optimistic about VMware's multi-cloud roadmap because it totally fits with our key focus areas. Our two strategies are completely in sync in terms of where customers need to protect themselves and build digital resilience. Increasingly, this is why customers come to Fujitsu and in collaboration with VMware we are ready to help.”

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