HPE Maximizes Data Value from Edge to Cloud with VMware Multi-cloud Solutions and HPE GreenLake

The world is increasingly driven by data—lots of it. The challenge for many companies looking to better serve their customers is where to place all their data and how to keep it secure. Many face “data disarray" with data scattered across the enterprise, running on legacy platforms that lack the efficiency and flexibility to return the desired business value. But Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is bringing order to data disarray.

HPE is creating new opportunities for enterprises to maximize the value of their data from edge to cloud—efficiently and security. The key is a hybrid cloud solution called HPE GreenLake. Joseph George, HPE’s vice president of computer industry and alliance marketing, explains, “Our view is that workloads don’t all have to sit in one location. Compute should go where the data is and where the customers are. Using HPE GreenLake, customers have the flexibility to run their workloads where it makes the most sense for the business, and VMware is a very important part of making that possible.”

VMware and HPE have been working in partnership for nearly two decades to meet the evolving needs of their joint customers. Today, that means delivering multi-cloud solutions as part of a cloud-smart ecosystem. George notes, “Leveraging HPE GreenLake with VMware multi-cloud solutions enables our customers to gain a one-cloud experience across multiple public or private clouds. This allows them to accelerate their digital transformations and take advantage of cloud to the fullest extent so they can pursue the outcomes they need to drive their business forward.”

Bringing Cloud to Customers Wherever They Are

As part of VMware’s broad cloud-smart ecosystem, HPE helps enterprises extend the value of VMware technologies to support modern workloads like data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. For example, leveraging the HPE GreenLake hybrid cloud platform, customers can bring together HPE ProLiant servers with VMware Cloud Foundations to create multiple virtual clouds wherever and whenever they are needed.

“Through the VMware cloud-smart ecosystem, we're able to go to where our customers are, partnering with VMware to give them real solutions to real business challenges,” George says. “We enable customers to choose the right cloud to solve for different challenges and meet a range of workload priorities, whether they need to focus on security, performance, resilience, agility, or if they’re simply looking to gain the best ROI. That’s what I call cloud smart.”

HPE is renowned for its innovation in high-performance computing and massively scalable infrastructures to run the world’s most demanding workloads. The company is also a leader in system security, starting with its Trusted Supply Chain, which audits every component to ensure corruption-free manufacturing, and extends to security technology embedded on every server to prevent unauthorized access.

All this, George asserts, is fundamental to ensuring a secure cloud environment: “HPE looks at security from the ground up. If your systems are secure, then your cloud is going to be secure. Partnering with VMware and leveraging VMware Cloud Foundations enables us to build the kinds of cloud solutions our customers need to optimize their business with confidence that their data will be secure."

Helping Customers Win by Being Cloud Smart

No two customers are alike, which again makes HPE and VMware an ideal partnership to address their unique requirements. Manufacturers may require cloud solutions that deliver optimal efficiency for production operations, while healthcare may be more focused on high availability, and for financial services companies’ cybersecurity is the top priority.

George notes, “The first conversation with customers is always about the specific needs of their business. Then we can talk about how HPE and VMware can help them achieve their goals.”

One example is a German automobile manufacturer that specializes in high-performance vehicles. This company was challenged to support a remote workforce comprised largely of engineers requiring access to graphics-intensive applications required for vehicle design and performance testing. The principal demand was as assuring reliable access to a high-performance cloud environment regardless of the engineer’s physical location.

George reports, “Using HPE GreenLake with HPE ProLiant servers and VMware Cloud Foundations, we solved this customer’s business problem, providing them the performance and agility needed to optimize their design processes on a global scale.”

As with this automobile manufacturer and for every customer, delivering results comes from listening to the organization’s needs and having both the expertise and technologies to apply the right cloud strategy. Through partnership, HPE and VMware are enabling enterprises to get to the cloud and see value faster.

“Bringing together VMware technologies with HPE GreenLake, we’re able to accelerate our customers’ ability to modernize and migrate their workloads to the cloud,” George says. “We’re able to take the cloud to where our customers need it, whether it’s on the edge, in their datacenter, or in a public cloud. That’s really being cloud smart.”

George concludes, “As a VMware partner, we’re optimistic about VMware’s cloud roadmap because we’re seeing it evolve rapidly to the changing trends and demands in the marketplace. Leveraging those VMware cloud technologies with HPE GreenLake, that’s how the partnership between HPE and VMware helps our customers win.”

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