2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards

HPE has won the 2023 Worldwide VMware Partner of the Year Award!

HPE Enables Enterprises to Reduce Complexity and Embrace AI with VMware

For enterprises, reducing complexity and increasing productivity while having the same or fewer resources can seem impossible. Adding digital transformation into the mix raises the bar even higher, leading companies to find new ways to more efficiently manage their increasingly complicated workloads while realizing business goals and driving growth.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) aims to provide enterprises with the solutions necessary to achieve those goals. From the edge to the cloud, HPE offers several products and services to guide customers along their multi-cloud and hybrid cloud journey, identify the desired outcomes, and help them take advantage of the right platforms in the right locations.

Distilling Decades of Experience into an Accessible Solution

Over their 22-year partnership with VMware, HPE has helped hundreds of thousands of customers find the best solution for their business. Driven by their customer-first mindset, HPE continually innovates and improves to help enterprises take advantage of new technology while modernizing, streamlining, and elevating their existing IT infrastructure.

HPE's dedication to putting their customers first and providing best-in-class solutions earned them the Worldwide 2023 Partner of the Year Award in the 2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards. Those solutions include HPE GreenLake for VMware and HPE ProLiant for VMware vSphere Distributed Services Engine, which help customers modernize their infrastructure from the edge to the cloud. With HPE and VMware, more than 200,000 customers are better equipped to reduce IT complexity, manage critical workloads no matter where they reside, and embrace AI.

"HPE GreenLake for VMware Cloud Foundation takes our best practices, skills, and experience and delivers it in a fully managed cloud service experience. It makes standardized but optimized infrastructure easy to attain for customers where they get a fully managed cloud experience in an as-a-service model," says Bryan Thompson, vice president of product management for HPE GreenLake Cloud Services.

Customers get the defined data center control and workload management they need to stay productive and secure without the complexity of operating, updating, and maintaining their own infrastructure.

Enabling Enterprises to take Advantage of AI

With HPE GreenLake for VMware Cloud Foundation, enterprises can use their resources more wisely, innovating and consuming new technologies such as AI. "AI is an emerging theme that every organization is looking into—though it raises many questions," says Thompson. "Customers are asking 'How do I use AI to gain new insights?' and 'How do I understand and leverage data in new ways to help drive my business forward?'"

For many enterprises, a strong multi-cloud strategy is critical to enabling the use of AI and answering these questions. Customers need to be able to leverage the best capabilities on the right platform for the types of workloads the business uses. Utilizing the right combination of on-premises versus public cloud versus private cloud can make the difference between success and failure.

Fortunately, with HPE and VMware, customers can deploy AI workloads where they need with confidence and then scale their infrastructure to empower the enterprise and use the new capabilities to innovate and improve. This helps enterprises better serve their customers, enable users with self-service functionality, and enhance the performance and experience of applications across the organization.

"Our customer-first mindset means we have a long history of tailoring solutions to meet each customer's unique needs and ensuring they successfully adopt these new technologies. We work together to solve our customers' problems, and that collaboration, combined with our focus on customers and their outcomes, is one reason HPE is a leader in this space," says Thompson.

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