Ingram Micro and VMware help Enterprises Leverage New Technology in a multi-cloud World

In the early days of any technology, people ask a lot of questions. "How will this tech be used?" "Do I have the right infrastructure?" "What does the future with this tech look like?"

For the past 44 years, Ingram Micro has focused on helping enterprises answer those questions and use new technology. As a VMware partner and one of the world’s largest technology distributors, Ingram Micro is continually at the forefront of innovation. Their cloud smart approach involves providing advanced solutions and forward-thinking managed services for data centers and hybrid data centers around the world.

Navigating a multi-cloud World

As technology has evolved and enterprises focus on multi-cloud, Ingram has partnered with VMware to provide smarter solutions that help companies streamline their infrastructure today and scale for the future. "Consider the types of clouds available: on-premises, public, and private. Each has its advantages, and companies need to choose the right combination for their unique needs," says Bill Brandel, country chief executive officer of Ingram Micro Canada.

Some of the major challenges that enterprises face in their multi-cloud strategy are consistency, security, and flexibility. With so many options available and near limitless combinations depending on their environment, companies can quickly get overwhelmed attempting to design a solution. With Ingram Micro, however, they have the partner they need to reduce the complexity of their modernization journey.

"Ingram and VMware enable customers to be cloud smart and drive consistency, flexibility, and cost efficiency across the multi-cloud universe," says Brandel. With VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, Ingram helps their customers leverage the opportunities with the VMware partner ecosystem to experience the benefits of multi-cloud.

Opening the Door for AI

As the cloud forever changed the technology landscape, AI is poised to do the same for how enterprises get work done. The pervasive technology affects every part of business, from operations to sales and beyond. With it, companies can get faster and more comprehensive insights to drive more efficiency and craft a better customer experience.

The reality is, though, that they need help getting there. Especially in complex enterprise environments, much of the work done today is transactional, manual, repetitive, and error-prone. Fortunately, once companies can take advantage of AI, automating that work becomes much easier. If employee time frees up and they have the chance to innovate, they can add more value to client engagements, and enterprises can take on new opportunities.

With VMware, Ingram is continuing its legacy of enabling new technology adoption. Together, the two companies can help enterprises apply AI to each application in their environments and drive the consistency, security, and flexibility needed to scale. "AI is in its earliest stages today, but it's going to be a very powerful tool as it evolves," says Brandel.

Seamlessly Enabling a Remote Workforce

A Canadian company in the video gaming space was suddenly faced with a monumental challenge: migrate more than 4,000 employees from their locations on-premises to working remotely. An aggressive timeline to make that shift while ensuring minimal impact on the company's customers further complicated the situation.

Fortunately, the company partnered with VMware and Ingram Micro to make it happen. By leveraging VMware Cloud and Microsoft Azure, Ingram Micro and VMware were able to successfully migrate the customer to a virtual environment in record time. What would have normally taken two to three months was completed in just three weeks. And best of all, day-to-day operations and the company's customers were not impacted.

While the migration may have happened originally out of need, after virtualizing and securing their remote workers' terminals, the company's IT resources were largely freed from repetitive and tedious support tasks. Now, the company can innovate faster and develop new solutions to help customers get more value from their products and services.

"The solutions we provide with VMware to remove complexity, enable innovation, and help enterprises more easily navigate the multi-cloud world make it easier for them to take advantage of what the cloud and AI offer," says Brandel.

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