VMware Partner Insight Enables Organizations to Maximize the Value of Technology to Transform Their Business

Almost every organization uses technology in its business in at least some ways. Paper and spreadsheets are out, and smart, cloud-based applications are in. Even the smallest businesses can take credit cards now using a smartphone, and larger businesses can and increasingly must revolutionize their business processes if they hope to create memorable digital customer experiences, give employees access from anywhere, and maintain operations during and after a crisis.

Arizona-based Insight Enterprises, a VMware Partner since 2006, helps organizations of all sizes maximize the value of technology and accelerate how it’s used to transform their business. It focuses on three key areas: cloud and data center modernization, digital innovation, and connected workforces. And it’s a full-service shop, starting with strategy and design and continuing through implementation and maintenance.

In 2020, Insight completed 231 VMware projects and has consistently overachieved according to every key metric. As of 2021, its end-user computing business has grown 80 percent year over year, security by 733 percent, and modern apps by an impressive 1,130 percent.

Last year, a camera manufacturer needed help with its on-premises environment after being hit with a devastating ransomware attack. It had trouble running business-critical applications on end-of-life hardware and software that hadn’t been updated with newer VMware technology. The customer needed to maintain application availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery while bolstering its security through micro-segmentation.

Insight conducted a vRealize Network Insight (vRNI) assessment that looked at applications and network mappings to determine the best migration roadmap and a long-term strategy for workloads in VMware Cloud. Insight stood up VMware Cloud on AWS and connected the on-premises infrastructure, first via VPN and later with Direct Connect into AWS Transit Gateways and VMware Cloud. It used VMware HCX to simplify the migration, rebalance workloads, and optimize disaster recovery (DR). And it migrated applications to the cloud without having to retool or refactor them as cloud native.

Now the customer enjoys seamless workload portability into VMware Cloud for applications to provide business continuity and DR in case it suffers another ransomware attack or other adverse event. Insight modernized the application tiers, including databases, without the up-front costs that would have been necessary to build new infrastructure, reducing operational costs and the ease of management between software-defined data centers.

Insight won the VMware Partner Value Award in 2021 for its work on this project and a number of others during a particularly challenging year in which businesses had to reinvent how they work. VMware selects global and regional winners every year for its VMware Partner Achievement Awards, recognizing those that demonstrate outstanding results and innovation using VMware solutions, often increasing a recipient’s business opportunities, enhancing their reputation, and driving revenue growth.

“VMware's comprehensive solutions span the virtual workforce, secure networks, and virtual and containerized workloads across all compute locations (private, public, hybrid),” says Juan Orlandini, chief architect of Cloud + Data Center Transformation at Insight. “They’re a key element in solving today's challenges. Our clients are looking for environments that provide digital dexterity, and the VMware portfolio allows us to quickly modernize traditional and cloud-native platforms to deliver unique and differentiated value to our clients.”

Next Steps

To learn more about Insight/VMware partnership, listen to our VMware Partnership Perspectives podcast episode with Joyce Mullen, President of North America at Insight. To find a trusted VMware Partner for your business, visit our Work with a Partner page.

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