Recognizing the winner of our Global 2020 Partner of the Year Award for Services Excellence

Every year, VMware honors a distinguished group of partners around the world with the VMware Partner of the Year Awards. The awards recognize partners that deliver exceptional innovation and results with VMware solutions and are divided into a number of categories, most with a global winner and three regional winners.

The 2020 Global Partner of the Year Award for Services Excellence goes to ITQ. This award recognizes ITQ’s outstanding cloud consulting, managed, and subscription services that enable customers to get the most out of their VMware investments.

“Our success is determined by the outcomes we achieve for our customers,” says Dennis Hoegen Dijkhof, ITQ Vice President for the Software Defined Data Center. “We believe that we accomplish this by focusing on services. This award underscores and confirms our vision.”

A passion for competency and mastery

ITQ is a VMware consultancy based in the Netherlands & Belgium and serves all of Europe. The company has a special focus on government, health care, and financial sectors. Its mission is helping customers accelerate their businesses with agile IT using innovative VMware solutions. ITQ works with companies to modernize their data centers, develop modern apps, and support a remote workforce with digital workspaces. Equally important, ITQ ensures customers get the most out of their IT investments.

As a Principal Partner within the VMware Partner Connect Program, ITQ’s passion for competency and mastery positions it well for success. Partners can work towards earning Master Services Competencies (MSCs) within VMware's partner program, which designates and recognizes their advanced expertise in specific technology areas. ITQ is one of only a handful of VMware partners that have mastered all MSCs.

“We have almost 100 VMware Certified Advanced Professionals, nearly 30 vExperts, and five active VMware Certified Design Experts,” says Hoegen Dijkhof. “Challenging ourselves is in our company’s DNA. Our people are driven by the skills these certifications bring them as well as the desire to demonstrate this expertise, not just claim it.”

“Technology at all levels is becoming more important for our customers,” says Hoegen Dijkhof. “This leads to a lot of choices, and many of our customers are looking for assistance in making the right ones. This is where we come in. Our team is made up of experts who work together with VMware sales and customer success teams to help customers develop and execute their journeys. VMware is our entire business. Our partnership is based on long-term relationships at every level, and our consultants have direct lines to VMware product teams.”

Journeys to the cloud on customers’ terms

Businesses are increasingly moving to a subscription model offered by the public cloud. They’re shifting from capital expenditures to operating expenditures—a change that can bring flexibility and other cloud subscription benefits. Customers look to ITQ as trusted advisers as they transform their approach to IT and fill in gaps in managing new technology and processes. These customers want to spend more time focusing on their business and less time wrangling technology.

ITQ customer is a prime example of a company that gained huge benefits by moving to the cloud. As its core business, builds commercial messaging services. These messaging services were on the company’s privately owned cloud platform and used in-house developed software. Its traditional IT infrastructure proved challenging, with virtual machine provisioning requiring substantial manual effort. turned to ITQ and VMware Cloud Foundation to transform its slow and inefficient provisioning process. After a rapid implementation, had a new, fully modernized data center. It can now automate traditional IT activities, delivering better performance with a reduction in IT costs. Thanks to ITQ and VMware Cloud Foundation, business continues to grow for without requiring additional IT department staff.

The Dutch Cancer Institute is another success story, and one that proves technology can be harnessed as a force for good. ITQ designed a future-proof IT infrastructure to support a digital workspace based on VMware. The state-of-the-art virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment is now where all hospital and research department staff do their day-to-day work. The flexibility and convenience of the environment allows staff to place more of their focus on patients rather than technology. The institute adheres to a philosophy of “VDI by day and compute by night,” meaning the raw compute power handles complex research tasks at night when the VDI is in low demand.

Allowing customers to focus on business outcomes

Not all companies want to lift and shift everything to the cloud all at once. Some would rather start small and scale up at their own pace, a strategy that both ITQ and VMware embrace. “Although we can discuss artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, and other important topics,” Hoegen Dijkhof says, “we first need to make sure our customers have a digital foundation that frees them to work from any device, use any application, and work in any cloud.”

ITQ views its work as not only about technology but also about enabling companies to achieve valuable outcomes. Hoegen Dijkhof says, “We are there for our customers, now and in the future. Winning the 2020 Partner Expertise Award for Services Excellence validates our commitment to innovation and gives our customers confidence that they can count on us to help them realize their business goals.”

Stay tuned for more spotlights from the VMware Partner of the Year awards just like this one.

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