End-to-end Solution Provider ITQ Leverages VMware Partnership to Focus on Customer Value

ITQ is driven to deliver the most innovative IT solutions and infrastructure possible to its customers. And since its founding in 2001, the company has done that in partnership with VMware.

As Johan Van Amersfoort, ITQ’s end-user computing and artificial intelligence technologist, puts it, “ITQ is a unique company because we are 100 percent focused on VMware and their cloud-smart ecosystem. We believe in VMware’s multi-cloud vision and bring our knowledge and innovation to turn that vision into value for our customers.”

Francisco Perez, the founder of ITQ, says, “One of our key value propositions is we help customers build a private cloud and extend it to public clouds. We have a lot of experience bringing VMware technology to our customers, and what we’ve learned is it’s not only about the technology—it’s also about understanding the customer’s objectives and the outcomes they want to see. That’s how we help our customers get the most value possible from VMware technology.”

Delivering Scale and Speed-to-market for Global Ticketing Customer

A prime example of ITQ’s innovation in action is a global customer that provides online ticketing services for large events. When tickets are announced for a popular sporting event such as a Formula One Grand Prix race, this customer experiences a huge surge in demand and needed greater scalability than its legacy on-premises platform could deliver. ITQ offered the ideal solution: VMware Cross-Cloud services.

“With the Cross-Cloud services, we were able to extend this customer’s applications from their on-premises platform to the VMware Cloud,” Van Amersfoort says. “So, they could easily burst to those resources when launching a new event with no negative impact on the end-customer experience.”

Scaling traditional infrastructure would have meant long delays and a major capital investment to acquire hardware just to handle short-term spikes. Instead, ITQ brought its VMware expertise to configure Cross-Cloud services to meet the customer’s needs. “Now the customer can scale to the cloud without any noticeable delay or administrative overhead. This capability decreases the customer’s time to market significantly.”

Van Amersfoort continues, “By migrating and modernizing customer workflows in the cloud, we can help them rapidly scale based on their own customer demand. We can also help them increase security by utilizing the VMware Cloud platform, which is secured by the ground up. And we can help customers lower their administrative overhead simply by running their applications on a perfectly designed cloud solution we’ve designed for them using VMware multi-cloud technologies.”

Empowering Employees to Work From Anywhere

ITQ is helping its customers face other vexing challenges as well. Van Amersfoort explains, “The hybrid workforce is here to stay, and customers have a big challenge empowering their employees to get the most out of their workday. VMware Workspace ONE, the Anywhere Workspace platform, offers customers a flexible, hybrid workforce solution without any concessions on security.”

ITQ adds value to the VMware Anywhere Workspace platform by providing managed services for the solution, which Van Amersfoort points out, “helps them shorten the time to deliver the digital workspace to their employees and immediately show value.”

Perez adds, “ITQ is unique in the industry because of our knowledge in VMware technologies and our ability to turn that knowledge into customer value. In the digital workspace, it’s about empowering the hybrid workforce for the new world. ITQ is a part of the VMware cloud smart-ecosystem, which enables us as a partner to quickly adopt new innovations and bring them to our customers, always with the focus on customer outcomes.”

“At ITQ we are passionate about VMware technology, but at the end of the day, what matters most is bringing value to our customers. We can work in partnership with VMware on beautiful projects but that is only meaningful to us if the customer enjoys success. We are obsessed with customer success.”

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