2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards

Congratulations to Lenovo for winning a 2023 VMware Partner Achievement Award!

Lenovo Partners with VMware to Address Complex Customer Problems Using Cloud-smart Solutions

There is a reason Lenovo is one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies: it is continually striving to make the world a better place for all. Both inside and outside the company, Lenovo is focused on promoting an ethical, sustainable digital future with greater inclusion and diversity. And a key enabler for all of this is smart technology.

Mike McDonough, Lenovo’s executive director of global software product management and marketing, says, “Lenovo and VMware are visionaries helping our customers understand the new paradigm shift brought by digital transformation. It’s all about enabling agility and delivering intelligence at speeds never seen before. At the end of the day, we’re changing the world for businesses and the people they serve, whether that’s with virtual healthcare, remote education, smarter shopping, or other digital solutions.”

One prime example is a healthcare customer facing changing industry dynamics, including a more flexible workplace complicated by a large influx of patients. The customer’s IT staff simply couldn’t respond fast enough to the new demands—until Lenovo and VMware stepped in to help.

For years, Lenovo and VMware have been working in partnership to solve the most complex problems in virtualization and digital transformation. For this healthcare customer, McDonough explains how the two companies leveraged their partnership to deliver a successful outcome. “We worked with the customer to understand their problems. We looked at how a hybrid, multi-cloud environment and virtual desktop infrastructure could enable them to be more dynamic and responsive. We overlayed security to protect their data. At the end, we realized we were really changing the world for this customer, helping them be more productive and efficient in delivering care for their patients.”

McDonough adds, “Lenovo and VMware working tightly together not only made this customer happy, but we also have a recipe for bringing together cloud-smart technologies to solve complex problems for other customers.”

Complementary Expertise to Maximize Customer Value

In collaboration, Lenovo and VMware bring unique value to organizations across many industries. McDonough notes, “VMware’s multi-cloud roadmap delivers agility and speed. It brings tremendous flexibility for us to respond more quickly to new market opportunities.”

Lenovo also provides added flexibility for its customers by offering financial choice. McDonough explains, “We don't just offer CapEx, we also offer OpEx for both the VMware software and Lenovo hardware and organic software, giving customers complete flexibility.”

As two global enterprises, Lenovo and VMware can combine their technologies and expertise to meet the emerging needs of customers all around the world. “Our partnership with VMware is very important to Lenovo,” McDonough says. “Each company brings unique capabilities and expertise that complement each other. When you mash those two together, there’s some real magic that happens.”

McDonough concludes, “The way we listen to our customers and then collaborate on finding the right solution to their needs, really is producing a tight bond between Lenovo and VMware, which ultimately is realized as customer value.”

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