Lenovo Provides Smarter, Award-Winning Digital Transformation Solutions with VMware

For enterprises, smart digital transformation and IT modernization require a trusted partner that always puts their best interests first. As a global leader in infrastructure solutions and VMware partner, Lenovo puts their customers at the forefront of everything they do.

"All our efforts and innovation programs start with 'What do our customers need?' We've been laser-focused to help our customers win, no matter their industry or endeavor," says Neeraj Kuppam, general manager for the software-defined infrastructure business at Lenovo. The VMware partner provides services to a wide range of customers, from the world’s largest public clouds to small and medium businesses.

With VMware, Lenovo addresses their clients' IT modernization needs through myriad offerings, specializing within the hybrid and multi-cloud space. Together, the companies have built joint solutions to address their mutual customers' needs, such as Lenovo ThinkAgile VX, a hybrid cloud environment for data center modernization based on Lenovo infrastructure and VMware vSAN technology.

Providing Exceptional Enterprise Solutions

The VMware and Lenovo partnership has spanned more than 20 years and has helped companies address their growing modernization and infrastructure needs. In this year's 2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards, Lenovo was honored with the Industry Award for the Asia Pacific and Japan region for showcasing their exceptional domain expertise and delivering powerful solutions for customers in industry-specific use cases.

"Our partnership with VMware is very important to us, and we're thrilled to receive this award," says Kuppam. "Together, VMware and Lenovo bring tremendous value to our customers. We are excited to continue developing innovative solutions." Over the course of their partnership, VMware and Lenovo have stayed closely aligned on hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, as well as cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Collaborating on a New Frontier

AI has made a large splash in recent years, and generative AI specifically has quickly risen to the top of the project list for many enterprises. The promise of more intelligent and efficient decision-making, coupled with accelerated time-to-value, is top of mind for many customers. But all the benefits of AI also come with complexity. While digital transformation was challenging before, AI has significantly increased it.

To take full advantage of the technology, companies need a guide with the right history and knowledge to realize the power of AI with a robust multi-cloud solution. "The Private AI Initiative from VMware is an exciting collaboration area for Lenovo. Customers need to secure AI, but they also need the flexibility that comes with a multi-cloud environment. This initiative is making that possible," says Kuppam.

By providing the infrastructure that enables the training and deployment of AI wherever customers need it—private or public cloud, on-premises or at the edge—Lenovo can design the exact solution that each customer needs based on VMware multi-cloud platforms. Thanks to the power of VMware and Lenovo, customers can now do more than ever before with AI.

Reducing Time-to-Value and Increasing Automation

As a leading global cloud service provider, T-Systems has a vast array of virtual machines spread across thousands of physical servers, which require considerable IT resources to deploy and onboard new users. To help reduce the strain on their staff and more efficiently manage their more than 65,000 virtual machines, T-Systems sought the help of Lenovo and VMware.

To solve the mutual customer's challenges and set them up for future success, Lenovo and VMware deployed the Lenovo ThinkAgile VX platform built on VMware vSAN and the Lenovo Open Cloud Automation Framework. This allowed T-Systems to automate deploying thousands of systems and helped streamline virtual machine provisioning and management. Now, T-Systems can quickly and cost-efficiently onboard end users.

Read the T-Systems customer case study.

"The joint value of VMware and Lenovo is considerable. We help our customers accelerate IT modernization and digital transformation—and ultimately achieve their business goals. That is what we strive for every day," says Kuppam.

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