NVIDIA and VMware Make AI Accessible to Enterprises with Full-Stack Accelerated Computing

Enterprises are increasingly realizing the impact and value AI has on their overall digital transformation strategies. For NVIDIA, AI is at the core of digital transformation and business growth. With new technology, collaboration, and accelerated computing, AI is poised to enable businesses to make better decisions faster than ever.

"NVIDIA is all-in on AI, whether it's generative or traditional. We expect AI to be embedded in every enterprise, and we're 100% focused on helping make that a reality," says Pat Lee, head of strategic partnerships for NVIDIA. For over 30 years, NVIDIA has defined accelerated computing and consistently pushed the envelope with next-generation technology.

Collaborating to Generate a Better Future

VMware and NVIDIA recently unveiled a new offering, VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA, that’s purpose-built to deliver the next era of generative AI directly to enterprises. This offering combines the proven NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform for developing and deploying cloud-native AI models, which includes the newly announced NVIDIA NeMo framework, with VMware's powerful cloud infrastructure.

"There are so many great things that will come from this new offering and others," says Lee. "We've already had customers do groundbreaking things by using AI on VMware. It's exciting to bring the power of AI to more enterprises with VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA."

To demonstrate the power of AI on VMware technology, consider the challenge of finding and stopping fraud in the ecommerce industry. A leading Fortune 100 financial institution needed to achieve real-time fraud detection to validate transactions as they happen. With NVIDIA and VMware, the institution was able to develop more advanced, AI-powered fraud detection methods. The new capabilities helped the institution lower costs, save time, and focus resources while streamlining fraud identification efforts.

For the Netherlands Cancer Institute, a leading cancer research facility, running AI on the VMware platform accelerated research and helped them enhance patient care. By upgrading their IT infrastructure with NVIDIA and VMware, they can complete high-resolution scans faster and detect tumors more reliably, accelerating diagnosis and improving care.

Fostering Innovation and Business Growth

With VMware, NVIDIA is helping AI become more accessible to enterprises worldwide. The deep partnership between the two companies brings best-in-class engineering and technology together to create exceptional solutions. The collaboration ensures VMware and NVIDIA can embrace each other's solutions to deliver AI and accelerated computing to organizations worldwide.

VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA will help enterprises dramatically increase productivity, spark innovation and transformation, as well as propel future business growth with the power of generative AI. VMware Private AI provides enterprises the flexibility and control to take full advantage of AI-enabled applications while keeping data accessible, secure, and resilient from the cloud to the edge.

"We're building technology that enables customers to solve big problems. Whether it's detecting fraud or accelerating health care research, AI is defining our future. There are so many things that we are doing today and will do in the future that are only possible with NVIDIA and VMware," says Lee.

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