Presidio and VMware Provide Transformative, Flexible Solutions to Enable Enterprise Innovation

Continued innovation fuels many enterprises today. To achieve this, companies often look for a partner to help them with expertise and resources. Presidio, a VMware partner for nearly 20 years, provides strategic support to many enterprises looking to transform their businesses. From infrastructure deployment to application development, Presidio offers professional services, managed services, and ongoing maintenance and support for data centers and multi-cloud solutions.

"Our goal is always to understand the outcomes clients want to achieve and help them identify and implement the best solution for their specific needs. Creating an effective multi-cloud strategy requires a level of expertise many companies lack. With flexible VMware solutions, we can deploy on any technology, making our customers feel more comfortable and see greater returns, no matter their environment," says Raphael Meyerowitz, VP of technology solutions and strategic partnerships at Presidio.

With Presidio's Professional and Managed Services, plus their cost optimization program, customers are more confident that they can understand their new environment and successfully manage it.

Enabling Innovation

When working with customers, Presidio is skilled at adapting to meet changing needs. "A lot of times, we find customers aren't quite sure where they're going on their IT journey. That's where the flexibility of VMware solutions is especially helpful," says Meyerowitz.

Customers that have begun their AI journey, for instance, may train their models in the cloud and then need to migrate them to use their on-premises data. Presidio takes advantage of the native toolsets from VMware to help customers seamlessly move between on-premises and the cloud.

Driving Transformation for a Transit Authority

Many enterprises are unsure how to best use AI, partially because there are countless ways to use it. One of Presidio's customers, a transit authority, was experiencing outages with their existing system. The ineffective systems impacted the customer's uptime and created additional business issues.

Together with Microsoft, Presidio evaluated the customer's infrastructure and decided to migrate 11 of the transit authority's core applications to Azure VMware Solution. The strong foundation and built-in AI capabilities with the solution transformed how the transit authority operates.

With AI, the customer can now rapidly access critical insights that help keep people safe. At the same time, performance improved considerably and the time spent maintaining the system decreased dramatically. The more robust infrastructure also allowed the transit authority to move to the cloud and deploy virtual machines as needed, improving scalability.

Because of the customer's success, other transit authorities have shown interest in seeing how they can adopt the same models to improve their infrastructure. With Presidio and VMware, the transit authority is leading the transformation and innovation charge in their industry.

"Customers are at the center of everything we do, and VMware helps our customers evolve and thrive. I'm excited to see what we'll accomplish together," says Meyerowitz.

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