2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards

Rackspace Technology has won the 2023 Lifecycle Services Award for the Americas region!

Innovation and agility are key indicators of business success. For many enterprises, the focus is on modernizing and transforming their operations to innovate and stay agile - all with an eye on growth and embracing new opportunities.

"Every company today is a technology company. The question is, how do we provide the right technology and ease of use so our customers can gain a competitive advantage and solve their business challenges?" says Adrianna Bustamante, vice president of global channel and alliances for Rackspace Technology.

A long-time VMware partner, Rackspace Technology provides the expertise, guidance, and services to help companies create and execute complex multi-cloud strategies, as well as modernize operations. While often starting out to solve short-term problems, Rackspace Technology also ensures long-term success through ongoing management and operational support with managed services.

Their focus on outstanding customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle earned Rackspace Technology the Lifecycle Services Award for the Americas in the 2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards. "Creating a fanatical customer experience is part of our DNA. We're honored to have been recognized for an award that showcases our dedication to our clients," Bustamante says.

Driving Innovation with a Strong Partnership

Founded just before the millennium, Rackspace Technology has offered managed services on top of VMware technology for decades. The partnership between the two companies enables both to provide customers with new, innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of business growth and evolution.

"Rackspace is optimistic about VMware Cross-Cloud managed services because they provide opportunities to create customer-focused, prescriptive, and easy-to-understand solutions," says Bustamante.

Rackspace Technology already takes advantage of the VMware partner ecosystem to augment their managed services offerings with deep application expertise, and VMware Cross-Cloud managed services make providing end-to-end customer solutions much more accessible. “It’s a great opportunity for partners to work more closely together to help everyone achieve more for their clients,” she adds.

Modernizing Airline Services

Rackspace Technology had been working with a leading airline company for many years when the customer approached them for help with evolving their IT operations. While modernization was the original goal, creating a clear overall application strategy turned out to be the main hurdle.

After surveying the airline's application landscape, Rackspace Technology advised to move some of the workloads from the public cloud into a private cloud powered by VMware, enabling an improved economy-of-scale. At the same time, the client was overhauling their commerce presence and nearly all its existing IT systems. The Rackspace Technology integrated, multi-cloud approach not only modernized the airline's current operations, but it also set them up for future growth.

The airline saw a 300% increase in online sales when the new site, bolstered by the improved technology, went live. But even more importantly, because of their trust and confidence in VMware and Rackspace Technology, the airline can now focus more on their core business, improve user experience, innovate more quickly, and be more agile than ever.

"Our partnership with VMware was critical," says Bustamante. "Their support with design troubleshooting, as well as their education, vision, and expertise, made it so our team could stay focused on driving the right outcomes and ensure the client's success."

Rackspace Technology strives to take a customer-first, cloud-first approach and provide multi-cloud expertise to help clients transform their organization and deliver the right business outcomes. Bustamante says, “Our relationship with VMware is essential to help us not only bring that level of expertise and solve those challenges but also develop new, innovative solutions to help customers continue to succeed.”

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