2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards

Softchoice has won the 2023 Cloud Consumption Award for the Americas region!

Softchoice Recognized with 2023 VMware Partner Cloud Consumption Award for Americas Region

Moving workloads to the cloud is a big undertaking that can include unexpected challenges, delays, and increased costs for many organizations. That’s why the right technology partner is essential.

Softchoice, an award-winning VMware partner and this year's winner of the Cloud Consumption Award for the Americas in the 2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards, has deep expertise in helping customers succeed with cloud and workplace solutions, from the data center to cloud to edge. "It all comes down to customer passion," says Chris Swadish, hybrid cloud business leader for Softchoice. "We're exclusively focused on driving the right results for customers."

Softchoice develops end-to-end multi-cloud strategies and helps customers migrate to the cloud, optimize their tech stack, and modernize their operations. "Softchoice's strategies align perfectly with VMware's portfolio and innovative solutions,” Swadish says. By driving adoption across the board and ensuring customers optimize every dollar spent on the cloud, Softchoice delivers incredible value—and the results that matter.

A New Era of Collaboration

The VMware partner ecosystem has been a reliable way for Softchoice to collaborate with and leverage the VMware partner network to help customers succeed. "Being part of the VMware partner ecosystem drives a lot of success for our business," says Swadish.

The next stage of growth for Softchoice involves offering more services and options for customers. VMware Cross-Cloud managed services help Softchoice—and other VMware partners—take advantage of the entire partner ecosystem. With it, partners can more easily develop ways to collaborate and pull together the right set of solutions to serve customers.

"Softchoice is very optimistic about VMware Cross-Cloud managed services because it helps us package a specific set of offerings and get to market faster with new services," Swadish says.

Ensuring Customer Success with the Right Cloud Strategy

One of Softchoice's areas of expertise is with financial technology organizations. A long-standing customer of theirs came to them for support going all-in on cloud-native in six months. Unfortunately, the organization had many legacy systems, and its existing infrastructure couldn't support the company's growth. On top of that, it also faced penalties if it failed to meet demands.

Softchoice designed a multi-cloud approach to help the organization meet its aggressive timeline. By leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS along with VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery and VMware Carbon Black to enable a zero trust approach across the board, Softchoice made the customer's architecture highly resilient and secure. "We were able to not only achieve results in half the original budget, but also save the customer $20 to $30 million in potential costs down the line," says Swadish.

After moving to the new environment, Softchoice's customer was more agile, scalable, and secure. They were able to grow faster, taking on new demand and supporting it with confidence. The customer is also poised for future success through its implementation of AI and machine learning, which gives them real-time visibility and reduces their decision-making process from a few weeks to a few days.

"Our focus, methodology, and customer enablement strategy are how we ensure our customers get value from their investment, which is the most important thing," Swadish says. "We couldn't do what we do without VMware and our ecosystem of hybrid and multi-cloud partners."

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