Softchoice Helps Customers Get the Most Out of Their Technologies and Unleash Business-Critical Innovation

Purchasing a cloud environment takes real expertise. Managers need to know how to implement it and to manage it over time, keeping pace with constantly changing business requirements and technology advances. It’s expertise that many organizations simply don’t have.

That’s where Softchoice comes in. A technology services and solutions provider, Softchoice empowers organizations to be agile and innovative, and keep their employees engaged, connected and creative at work. Softchoice’s end-to-end customer success program helps customers move to the cloud, build workplaces of tomorrow, and make smarter technology decisions to reduce cost, optimize technology, and enable innovation critical for business impact.

In 2020, a major international bank headquartered in North America outlined a new strategic direction to consolidate, centralize, and standardize its global portfolio. Yet poor internal communication, complex policies, and a lack of standards created severe problems.

Softchoice spent months documenting the bank’s global IT footprint across 87 contracts and more than 20 partners. It took time to fully understand entitlements versus deployments and to discern which business units consumed which resources.

Softchoice worked closely with both the bank and VMware to align all requirements to the new strategy. It leveraged its own asset insights and optimization workload analysis and license reconciliation services, enabling the bank to better understand workload deployments and infrastructure performance while evaluating and planning for enhanced application delivery models in a hybrid cloud environment.

The bank’s existing processes required preapproval for every project, so Softchoice proposed a flexible purchasing model through a global enterprise license agreement (ELA) to accommodate restrictions. It also leveraged tokens and global deployment rights to centralize the bank’s global purchasing power. It saved millions of dollars by consolidating its VMware contracts under a single ELA while increasing the impact of software investments and nearly eliminating compliance risk in both data centers and the cloud.

Dedicated subject matter experts remain actively involved by stress-testing the VMware Horizon environment and by providing support services and ongoing mentorship and workshops to reduce ongoing costs and improve governance across cloud estates. And by simplifying the IT approval process, the new ELA model allows the bank to reduce the delivery time on new projects by 80 percent.

Softchoice won the VMware Partner Lifecycle Services Award for North America in 2021 for outstanding customer engagements and for transitioning from project-based services to ongoing partnerships that help its customers lower costs, get the most out of their technologies, and unleash business-critical innovation.

“At Softchoice, we are driven by our focus on customer needs. We guide our customers at every stage of their cloud transformation journey with the right insights, strategies, and processes, setting them up for success. This award reflects our customer first approach and our strong partnership with VMware, to bring to market, customized solutions that addresses customer needs.”- Christopher Swadish, Director Hybrid Cloud Business.

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