2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards

Terasky has won the 2023 Partner Value Award for the EMEA region!

TeraSky’s Customer Dedication Earns them Seventh VMware Award in Five Years in the 2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards

Many businesses continue to face challenges as they look to digitally transform how they operate and serve customers. With on-premises systems and private clouds often relying on outdated—or soon-to-be-outdated tools—companies need more agile, future-proof solutions. For TeraSky, helping businesses build the environments they need for success today and tomorrow is their specialty.

Since 2010, TeraSky has provided end-to-end solutions to enable customers to handle data center modernization and hybrid and multi-cloud implementation. TeraSky offers a myriad of services, including software-defined data center creation and maintenance, developer support and platform engineering, transitioning from on-premises installations to multi-cloud, and migration from large, legacy applications to microservices. "We aim to be the most trusted partner over a customer's entire lifecycle, helping them deal with tough modernization challenges," says Ofir Abekasis, TeraSky's CEO.

An Award-Winning Approach to Digital Transformation

TeraSky's dedication to customer success and providing high-value results earned them the Partner Value award for EMEA in the 2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards. “We are honored to accept this award. This is TeraSky’s seventh VMware award in five years and a testament to our commitment to helping organizations adapt, innovate, and succeed in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape,” says Abekasis. “We are thrilled to continue our VMware partnership and look forward to driving even more value for our customers in the years to come.”

TeraSky has repeatedly demonstrated their expertise in creating value for customers and successful project implementation, along with a proven mastery of VMware solutions. Through their efforts, they've provided customers with the environments necessary to succeed and create better business alignment, driven by new insights that improve decision-making all around.

Unifying the Experience of a Global Workforce

An example of TeraSky's prowess is a digital transformation project they did for a mutual customer of VMware and TeraSky, Cellebrite. For over 24 years, Cellebrite has provided a digital intelligence investigation platform and support services to law enforcement and government agencies.

With offices in 12 locations worldwide and more than 1,000 workers, the company was facing the challenges that come from success and growth. First, they transitioned to a SaaS business model while tripling their workforce—all during the pandemic. The rapid expansion and needed infrastructure upgrades meant the employee experience was not at the high level Cellebrite wanted in every location. Additionally, Cellebrite wanted to create a more flexible and supportive operational structure to facilitate different deployments across their application ecosystem.

To do this, Cellebrite needed a "single pane of glass" from which they could see everything, no matter if an application ran in the data center or in the cloud. This visibility would also help provide a seamless user experience for all employees, from the developers and engineers to IT, while allowing for easier application consumption and management.

VMware vRealize Suite Solutions was the answer. While the company was already using VMware vSphere, they wanted to augment their current capabilities and make better use of the resources available to them. TeraSky enabled Cellebrite to use VMware Aria Automation and VMware Aria Operation combined with a partial migration to a VMware cloud based on AWS, which has optimized the company’s infrastructure and workflows. This provided the flexibility and agility Cellebrite needed to support their customers while streamlining day-to-day operations and monitoring.

After transitioning to the new architecture, Cellebrite was able to offer more customized services to each customer, while reducing costs and increasing optimization across the board, even allowing employees who are not developers to create solutions in just a few days. In addition, with their improved organizational flexibility, the company achieved their savings and optimization goals and also set themselves up for future success by increasing the speed at which they can create new, unique products for their customers.

Watch the Cellebrite customer success video from TeraSky.

Forging Future Success with VMware

TeraSky is committed to being a trusted partner across the entire customer lifecycle, offering a comprehensive suite of managed services to greatly simplify their clients' IT operations. By taking on each client’s day-to-day running and maintenance challenges of complex cloud environments, the VMware partner helps companies realize their modernization goals for today while preparing them for future success.

"As part of our managed services, we offer specific solutions for customers utilizing different cloud providers," says Abekasis. VMware Cross-Cloud managed services give companies the freedom and flexibility to get exactly what they need from vendors and partners, enabling them work with those best-positioned to solve their unique challenges.

"We're excited to see how VMware Cross-Cloud managed services will continue to set new standards and build an even better partner ecosystem where we can all help customers reach their goals," Abekasis says.

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