Digital Transformation Leader, Tietoevry, Makes People’s Lives More Efficient Delivering cloud-smart Solutions in Partnership with VMware

Technology touches nearly every aspect of modern life. Tietoevry is on a mission to ensure that wherever technology is used, it is used for good. To this end, the Finnish IT software and services company has adopted a corporate slogan: “Creating purposeful technology.”

Tietoevry offers a wide array of technology solutions and advisory services, all geared toward impacting people, societies and running businesses in a positive way as the leader in multi-cloud services. Today, much of the company’s work involves guiding organizations through digital transformation. Francisco (Paco) Romero, head of hybrid cloud IaaS solutions, puts this work in context: “Digital transformation is about how we can take digital services deeper, wider, and therefore, make life and the functioning of societies more efficient.” Partnering with VMware is a core aspect of enabling Tietoevry to achieve this objective in a multi-cloud world.

Romero points out that digital services are so integral to daily life that any disruption is instantly noticed. Therefore, organizations must build their cloud infrastructures to ensure resilience to disruptive forces—whether internal like a component failure or external such as a cyberattack—and with a mind to data privacy and environmental sustainability. The question is whether those needs can be satisfied in a public or private cloud environment?

“The answer depends on the data you are handling and how your business needs to manage risk,” Romero advises. “At Tietoevry, we help customers with these decisions. In partnership with VMware, we expand the cloud choices for our customers.”

For example, the Tietoevry Sovereign Cloud provides customers with the speed, agility, and resilience of a cloud environment while maintaining data residency and controlling user access—an infrastructure in which customers can be confident their data is safe. Yet, there are numerous use cases where customers also need the ability to scale workloads rapidly to meet surges in demand, making public clouds another key part of the total solution.

Romero notes, “VMware does a fantastic job enabling these kinds of complementary cloud systems.”

Navigating a multi-cloud World for the Optimal Solution

Romero has observed the vast majority of organizations that come to Tietoevry for a solution will end up with a multi-cloud environment, given their diverse and dynamic workload requirements. As a VMware expert and comprehensive solution provider, Tietoevry plays a pivotal role in helping each customer navigate the multi-cloud options to best meet their specific business needs.

“Our position is as the service integrator,” Romero explains. “We evaluate the customer’s needs and put together a solution that makes sense for them. We need to partner with VMware to do this. It's a fantastic symbiosis, with the VMware technology stack at the core, wrapped with our know-how and experience in delivering secure multi-cloud solutions as a service for the customer. We bring together all that multi-layered integration so our customers can just concentrate on their business.”

A recent customer solution illustrates the value of the Tietoevry-VMware partnership. Joining forces, 14 small municipalities in northern Sweden came to Tietoevry to build a common digital platform they could use collectively to serve citizens. The solution leveraged the Tietoevry Sovereign Cloud platform to deliver cloud services locally for the municipalities.

“We worked closely with VMware to build all the automation to enable integration with our systems,” Romero says. “VMware worked hand-in-hand with us to deploy the whole solution.”

The multi-cloud solution enabled the municipalities to significantly improve their carbon footprint by consolidating 10–20 racks of servers into a single rack powered by green sources of electricity. Additionally, the municipalities now have a modern digital platform on which to innovate and deliver new services for their citizens.

As Romero points out, “The key to innovation is having a cloud-smart ecosystem. It is how we connect people and systems so they can share data with trust. Those are the elements of innovation. To Tietoevry, being part of the VMware cloud-smart ecosystem means having access to competence and resources that allow us to create the value our customers are looking for.”

What does this mean for the 14 Swedish municipalities? Romero says, “They can now deliver to all of their 250,000-plus citizens the same legal services, democratization, the whole thing from this shared multi-cloud platform. I think it’s a beautiful story—something we are very proud of.”

A Bright Future for Delivering Ongoing Customer Value

Looking toward the future, Romero sees Tietoevry’s ongoing partnership with VMware continuing to return value for customers. “We are optimistic about the multi-cloud roadmap from VMware because it matches our own vision of the market. Together, we are perfectly aligned.”

He concludes, “We couldn't really be in the cloud business without partners like VMware. We value VMware technology solutions because they are flexible, they scale well, and they cover 95% of all the use cases for the customers.”

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