Partners Share how They are Facilitating Innovation, Collaboration, and Growth at 2023 VMware Explore Las Vegas

Hosted in Las Vegas from August 21st through 24th, this year's North American VMware Explore conference was full of announcements, discussions, and technological advancements. With the explosion in popularity of generative AI (GenAI) following ChatGPT's launch in December 2022, it is no surprise that a prominent theme this year focused on AI and how enterprises could best use it.

Some companies have looked to make AI more available for some time, including NVIDIA, which announced a new solution at the event. "We've already had customers do groundbreaking things by using AI on VMware. It's exciting to bring the power of AI to more enterprises with VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA," said Pat Lee, head of strategic partnerships for NVIDIA.

But NVIDIA wasn't alone. Bryan Thompson, vice president of product management for HPE GreenLake Cloud Services, said, "AI is an emerging theme that every organization is exploring." With HPE GreenLake for VMware Cloud Foundation, enterprises can use their resources more wisely to more easily take advantage of new technologies such as AI.

Juan Orlandini, CTO, North America for Insight, agreed that "many clients are interested in AI but are unsure how to approach it, especially when looking at the investment and time-to-value. With the help of VMware solutions, we can make AI a lot more accessible to our clients."

Conversation Highlights Around AI and multi-cloud from our VMware Partners

To better understand where and how some of the top VMware partners approach multi-cloud and AI, we sat down with them during the conference and discussed these themes. Here are some highlights from those conversations:


For over three decades, NVIDIA has delivered accelerated computing solutions to help enterprises develop and adopt next-generation technology. Pat Lee, head of strategic partnerships for NVIDIA, discussed the announcement and launch of VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA. To deliver the next era of GenAI directly to enterprises, the offering combines the proven NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform with VMware's powerful cloud infrastructure.

Hear about VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA from Lee, how it will transform the future of technology, and how together VMware and NVIDIA are making AI more accessible to enterprises worldwide.


Guiding customers along their multi-cloud and hybrid cloud journeys, identifying the desired outcomes, and helping them take advantage of the right platforms in the right locations takes an experienced partner. Bryan Thompson, vice president of product management for HPE GreenLake Cloud Services, explained the benefits of HPE GreenLake for VMware Cloud Foundation, detailing how the best practices, skills, and knowledge of HPE are delivered to help enterprises get a fully managed cloud experience in an as-a-service model.

Watch Thompson explain how HPE helps enterprises with their multi-cloud journey by distilling their decades of experience into an accessible solution. With VMware and HPE, enterprises can more easily modernize their environments by adopting new technology such as AI.


Every enterprise's approach to multi-cloud and digital transformation is unique. Juan Orlandini, CTO, North America for Insight, emphasized how these situations offer the best opportunities to truly innovate. With streamlined, comprehensive, and robust solutions based on VMware technology across both hybrid and multi-cloud environments, Insight helps clients solve current challenges and unlock future potential.

Learn from Orlandini how Insight builds centers of excellence to make AI accessible to all. With VMware, Insight unifies the often-fragmented AI initiatives within enterprises and enables them to utilize a cloud-smart strategy to drive innovation.


When enterprises streamline and recover resources in their existing environment, they free up cycles for more impactful work. Jon Palmer, director of solutions engineering for SHI's data center organization, discussed how SHI approaches digital transformation with VMware. The partnership enables the company to develop high-value, efficient solutions so customers can adopt new technology and achieve their business goals.

Discover from Palmer how SHI’s broad portfolio of managed services help address complex customer challenges of managing services across diverse cloud platforms, particularly around costs, and how with VMware and the VMware toolset, they’re helping customers alleviate these issues.


Specializing within the hybrid and multi-cloud space, Lenovo has built several solutions with VMware to help enterprises with their modernization and digital transformation goals. Neeraj Kuppam, general manager for the software-defined infrastructure business at Lenovo, discussed several offerings that enable enterprises to take advantage of new technology, including Lenovo ThinkAgile VX, a hybrid cloud environment for data center modernization based on Lenovo infrastructure and VMware vSAN technology.

Learn from Kuppam how Lenovo serves as a trusted partner for its customers as they transform and modernize their infrastructure, and how they’re partnering with VMware to help their customers take advantage of AI innovations and opportunities.


For organizations in the public sector, modernizing IT infrastructure takes an extra layer of care. Will Jones, Carahsoft's SVP, explained how VMware and Carahsoft provide strategies to better optimize and secure their customers' IT environments no matter where their workloads reside. Depending on each organization's needs, the two companies craft the right solution so agencies are better prepared to meet the needs of their constituents today and in the future.

Hear from Jones how Carahsoft serves as an IT solutions provider and value-added distributor for US government customers, leveraging VMware to go to market with the right partners based on the unique requirements of each public sector customer.


Developing the right solution for each enterprise requires the right mix of strategy, infrastructure, and service. Robert Hormuth, corporate vice president of architecture and strategy of AMD's data center solutions business group spoke about how AMD helps enterprises streamline hardware migration, no matter their chosen technology, through the VMware Architecture Migration Tool. Frank Palumbo, corporate vice president at AMD also shared how the vSphere Distributed Services Engine from AMD and VMware creates opportunities for expanded use of DPUs to make enterprises more efficient and open the door to AI.

Ingram Micro

To detail Ingram Micro's approach to multi-cloud and digital transformation, Bill Brandel, chief executive officer of Ingram Micro Canada, discussed the three pillars upon which the VMware partner enables its customers to be cloud smart: consistency, flexibility, and cost efficiency. By always considering these pillars when providing solutions and managed services, Ingram helps enterprises adopt new technology such as AI, and apply it to every application in their IT environment with VMware.

Find out from Brandel how Ingram Micro supports customers in the new era of the hybrid data center with the company’s focus on cloud, advanced solutions, and services innovation, and how using VMware solutions enables them to help customers successfully navigate the complexities of today’s multi-cloud world.


Across its many services, including professional services, managed services, and ongoing maintenance and support for data centers and multi-cloud solutions, Presidio focuses on helping customers create the perfect environment for their needs. Raphael Meyerowitz, VP of technology solutions and strategic partnerships at Presidio, explained how the native toolsets from VMware enable them to seamlessly deploy each customer's unique solution and create opportunities for innovation.

Learn from Meyerowitz how Presidio supports IT transformation for their customers via multi-cloud and AI innovations from VMware that give customers the flexibility to move from on-premise to the public cloud or vice versa, based on their business needs.

Building Future Success Together

Just as AI was a common theme at 2023 VMware Explore Las Vegas, collaboration and community frequently came up in our discussions with partners. As enterprises face new challenges and need smarter ways to continue to succeed, VMware and its partner ecosystem have the expertise and tools necessary to facilitate their growth.

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