When it’s time to retire your data center, you can’t simply plug into the cloud. Architecting, migrating, and maintaining a cloud solution is complex and requires expertise, especially for global enterprises.

You are undoubtedly familiar with Google for Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, and other services that people worldwide use daily. Google Cloud was a natural extension of these offerings and provided infrastructure that Google could leverage to offer more advanced cloud services, such as data storage, data analytics, serverless computing environments, and more. These advanced cloud services enabled Google to ease the experience of the world’s largest organizations as they embarked on their digital transformation journeys.

Collaborating for Customer Success

Google has been a strategic VMware technology partner for years and has partnered with VMware with a mutual focus on customer success. A partnership between Google Cloud and VMware naturally formed to deliver an open platform for consistent deployment, operations, and security for cloud-native applications across multi-cloud environments.

The Google Cloud partnership with VMware continues to evolve, with the release of several new innovative capabilities for Google Cloud VMware Engine, the fully managed service that enables you to run your VMware environment on Google Cloud. The service leverages VMware Cloud Foundation to connect to the Google Cloud console in just minutes. It enables you to migrate to the cloud without having to refactor applications and supports running your on-premises workloads as you have always done. The new capabilities include multi-region networking, improved scalability for rapid cloud migration, and the expansion of Google Cloud’s industry-leading 99.99 percent availability to twelve regions worldwide.

Surmounting Barriers to Digital Transformation

Aging on-premises infrastructure, the need to modernize apps, and the challenges of serving customers 24/7 are driving organizations to accelerate their digital transformations. Take Mitel, for example, a North American telecommunications that had dozens of global data centers with infrastructure nearing the end of its life, mounting application complexity, service gaps, and customer complaints. The Google Cloud Team used Google Cloud VMware Engine to migrate 1,000 of Mitel’s virtual machines to the cloud in less than 90 days.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the benefits the telecom company has been experiencing with the joint VMware and Google Cloud service. It can now migrate customers to its own platform in weeks instead of months. The marginal cost to add a new customer has been halved thanks to the ability to scale on demand. Google Cloud operations tools have reduced the number of monthly alerts from 180,000 to 2,000 (almost 99 percent), and response times have been reduced by 85 percent.

“Our Google Cloud VMware Engine migration translated to faster time to market and higher revenues,” says Rick Cirigliano, Mitel’s senior vice president of cloud operations. “We can also scale to support more work and have quadrupled our monthly completed units of work.”

Generating ROI with an Award-Winning Partnership

Together VMware and Google Cloud are focused on helping their customers reap a better return on investment (ROI) in three key ways:

  • Increased flexibility in single-node private clouds that enable proof-of-concept validations at a reduced cost.
  • Greater availability in new regions and expanded capacity within regions to better serve local business needs.
  • Deeper integrations between Google Cloud and VMware solutions such as VMware Site Recovery Manager, VMware vRealize Cloud Management, and VMware Horizon Desktop to ensure that mission-critical cloud applications won’t be disrupted.

And migrations are easier and more convenient than ever. The Google Cloud Catalyst Program provides credits to offset existing investments in VMware licenses, easing the transition to a pay-as-you-go consumption model and reducing the total cost of cloud ownership. Additionally, the Google Cloud Rapid Assessment and Migration Program (RAMP) is a free service designed to reduce complexity and risk and increase flexibility and choice with an expert migration plan.

It's no surprise that Google Cloud won the VMware Partner Digital Transformation Award for Global Alliances in 2021 for its work with Mitel and on similar projects. The award reflects its hard-earned recognition for delivering digital transformation solutions that help customers move to modern, cloud-centric architectures and advance their digital transformation journeys.

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