2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards

Wipro has won the 2023 Worldwide Cloud Innovation & SaaS Transformation Award!

Wipro and VMware Accelerate Digital Transformation for Clients Through Modern, Multi-cloud Environments

Business today runs on data. And for many enterprises, Wipro, a valued VMware partner, is the company of choice to deliver and maintain their data centers. With over 75 years of experience helping businesses, Wipro maintains a continued focus on innovation that delivers growth for the VMware partner – and its clients.

It’s this drive to help customers grow and succeed that led Wipro to launch a dedicated business unit focused on streamlining VMware implementations and accelerating deployments of applications to quickly deliver clients ROI. The business unit offers a full portfolio of digital transformation services globally that among others, includes VMware Cross-Cloud managed services.

As a result of Wipro's commitment to the VMware partnership, innovation in the cloud, and helping its clients speed time-to-value from their investment in VMware solutions, Wipro received this year’s Worldwide Cloud Innovation & SaaS Transformation Award in the 2023 VMware Partner Achievement Awards. In these annual awards, VMware honors a distinguished group of VMware ecosystem partners from around the world for delivering exceptional results and innovation using VMware products and solutions.

In particular, the award recognized Wipro for its work helping a global market intelligence company reduce the complexity of digital transformation by implementing Wipro’s innovative Boundaryless Enterprise framework powered by VMware Tanzu.

Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Cloud

"The partnership between Wipro and VMware is valuable for our clients and us. VMware has a solid history of enabling enterprise IT, developing strong roadmaps for Cross-Cloud managed services, and accelerating time-to-value for our clients," says Jason Eichenholz, Wipro's senior vice president and global head of ecosystems and partnerships.

To help companies continue to innovate by adopting agile and cost-effective multi-cloud strategies, Wipro goes beyond traditional data center services. The VMware partner first assesses what each client needs and then matches them with the right solutions: data and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), core computing and storage, or a mix of everything. "We're moving data centers to the public cloud with VMware multi-cloud, which then frees up clients’ budgets and teams for broader digital transformation," Eichenholz says.

If needed, Wipro also helps its clients' employees develop the right skills to better support the recommended systems. For many Wipro clients, however, using managed services makes more sense than developing in-house capacity. Because Wipro is a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Provider, clients can count on the VMware partner to help with digital transformation and modernization in the cloud.

"Being a VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services Provider is almost like a seal of approval that accelerates client conversations and gets us past a lot of concerns companies typically express when trying to reinvent their data center operations," says Eichenholz. As such, many of the questions that clients previously came to the table with are answered preemptively, which shortens sales cycles and raises confidence.

Wipro also takes full advantage of the larger VMware partner ecosystem. They create consortiums to develop standard frameworks on Tanzu to build, run, and manage any apps on any cloud. The company also works closely with hyperscalers to migrate virtual machines to the public cloud. Even when Wipro develops modern applications, they integrate them with the many ISV partners within the VMware partner ecosystem rather than limiting them only to Wipro environments.

The company’s dedication to multi-cloud and building the best framework for clients led to Wipro's new Boundaryless Enterprise framework for managing both on- and off-premises enterprise technology. “With it, we can provide clients a single pane of glass to manage all their cloud spend, no matter where it is," says Eichenholz.

Helping Clients Achieve Unity and Cost Savings

The accomplishments that the partnership between VMware and Wipro can achieve are clearly demonstrated in their work with one of their many joint clients — in this case, a security device manufacturer that operates in more than 60 countries worldwide. In the past few decades, the client has acquired more than 250 companies. Each new acquisition creates unique challenges for the client to smoothly onboard, integrate processes and systems, and become a more seamless, well-connected global organization.

After working with this client for many years, Wipro noticed high capital expenditures, no chargebacks, and challenges with tracking IT costs. On top of that, lengthy provisioning times meant the client’s continued acquisitions were becoming increasingly costly and time-consuming to manage.

To solve the client's problems, Wipro deployed their Boundaryless Enterprise framework, including a VMware Cloud Foundation environment for testing. As a result, the client was able to integrate new acquisitions four times faster, significantly accelerate environmental upgrade deployments, and realize cost savings of between 25% and 30%.

"Provisioning times were cut from three to four weeks to a matter of hours," says Eichenholz, "and we were able to completely track costs through chargeback models because of the visibility that VMware gave us. This is just one example of how our close, ongoing partnership with VMware delivers real value for us and our clients."

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