World Wide Technology (WWT) is fiercely dedicated to digital transformation. David Steward and Jim Kavanaugh founded the company as a systems integrator in 1990. Since then it has strived to help its enterprise, public sector, and telecom clients worldwide transform their organizations, their industries, and their communities through technology.

For most enterprise clients, transformation means a move to the cloud, and WWT frequently taps into VMware Cloud solutions to ease that transition. One of its customers in the oil and gas industry recognized that migrating to the cloud could reduce capital expenditures and improve IT agility, but they needed to find a way to streamline the move and reap the benefits of the cloud without adding complexity.

WWT convinced them that building a hybrid cloud based on VMware solutions was the best approach and worked with them to deploy VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services. The company was able to shift from a CapEx to an OpEx model and reduce overall spending. At the same time, IT can accelerate time to market for new services and deliver value to lines of business faster than ever. The hybrid environment also enhances IT flexibility: with consistent infrastructure and operations across the environment, the IT team can seamlessly migrate apps to and from the cloud as needed.

Simplifying Device Management

While some of WWT’s clients are expanding their data centers into the cloud, others hope to transform the way employees interact with technology. Delivering a robust, secure foundation for remote work was a priority even before the COVID-19 pandemic and will remain so. While many employees will return to the office, others will continue working remotely.

A large healthcare payer asked WWT to replace its outdated mobile management system. Almost everything had to be done manually, so managers spent an exorbitant amount of time on it. Security and performance were opaque, jeopardizing compliance, impeding troubleshooting, and resulting in unhappy user experiences.

In response, WWT deployed VMware Workspace One digital workspaces and an upgraded VMware Horizon virtual desktop solution. WWT migrated users from the legacy environment and enabled the IT team to move forward with a Windows 10 upgrade. Previously manual tasks are now automated. Managers have visibility into device performance, usage, and security across the entire company. IT can refocus its time and resources on other projects while users gain simpler, more secure access to vital apps from anywhere, anytime.

A Robust, Decade-long Partnership

As a VMware partner for more than a decade, WWT offers the entire spectrum of VMware solutions, including those designed to maximize the value of multiple clouds, modernize apps, support a distributed workforce, re-envision networking, and bolster security.

“VMware has 25,000 partners globally,” says Bill Swales, VMware vice president and channel chief. “WWT is in the top tier because we’ve built an amazing long-term strategy together.” The two companies have aligned from the executive level to the salesforce, making sure that VMware and WWT teams collaborate closely on solving customer challenges.

Whether organizations are pursuing multi-cloud, app modernization, digital workspace, security, or networking projects, VMware and WWT have them covered.

A Go-To Lab For Exclusive Resources, Guidance and Tools

WWT first and foremost draws on the deep expertise of the IT engineers, software developers, and C-level consultants it employs across the globe. Their skillsets paired with VMware’s technology platforms provide the nimble, scalable, and highly secure solutions that modern enterprises require.

But while plenty of IT shops can help their customers migrate to the cloud and modernize apps, WWT is the only one with an Advanced Technology Center (ATC). It’s an ecosystem that customers, partners, and employees can use to discover, design, build, and implement cutting-edge technologies and integrated architectural solutions.

In the ATC, on-demand learning labs cover the basics. Product benchmarking proves whether a given product performs as advertised. Lab services reduce the cost, time, and risk associated with evaluation and testing by using sandbox environments. Design validation demonstrates how new technologies will perform in a brownfield environment.

WWT’s customers do amazing things there. An oil company recently managed to reduce the time required to evaluate complex storage problems by almost 90 percent, from six months to two weeks.

Six Master Services Competencies and a Partner Award for Good Measure

VMware has more than 25,000 partners around the world, but WWT rises to the top. It won the 2021 Partner Achievement Award for Digital Transformation in North America, and it has acquired six VMware Master Services Competencies in the following areas:

  • Cloud Management and Automation
  • Data Center Virtualization
  • Digital Workspace
  • Network and Security
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Modern Applications

These require a lot of dedication and focus to achieve. It’s not just a matter of doing a bit of studying and taking simple tests. WWT’s teams worked hard to develop the expertise they need, and customers had to validate WWT’s competency on dozens of projects in the real world. There’s no better way to prove to new customers that WWT has truly mastered the field.

“We are driven by a desire to create something bigger than ourselves,” says CEO Jim Kavanaugh. WWT realizes that vision by partnering with VMware. Together, they help their mutual customers develop and deploy the custom solutions they need to digitally transform their organizations.

Next Steps

To learn more about VMware’s Partner organization and to find a trusted Partner for your business, visit our VMware Partner Connect page.

Check out VMware Partnership Perspectives podcast episode featuring MIke Taylor, CTO and SVP of Services at WWT.


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