Xtravirt and VMware Help Customers Realize Value Faster with VMware Cross-Cloud Managed Services

Now, more than ever, it’s vital for businesses to keep up with modern technologies and adopt the right tools and processes for digital transformation. "We're in a fast-changing, technology-driven world. Customers' needs have been evolving through all the challenges everyone has experienced over the last few years," says Gavin Jolliffe, Xtravirt's CEO.

Xtravirt prioritizes customer relationships above everything else, operating without silos and acting instead as an extension of its clients' teams. By aiming to provide a singular customer experience, no matter where a customer is in their digital transformation journey, Xtravirt provides continual value at every stage.

Creating Value Through Strong Partnerships

The dedication to making customers successful is what Xtravirt believes makes a trusted lifecycle partner—for both the customer and VMware. "VMware is a recognized global cloud leader, and working jointly together to solve customer challenges is really important for us," says Jolliffe.

Xtravirt translates its partnership with VMware into customer value by matching robust technological capabilities with each customer's specific—and often shifting—requirements. "It's all about delivering the highest quality services to our customers," he adds.

It’s this focus on delivering high-quality services that has Jolliffe excited about the availability of VMware Cross-Cloud managed services. These services help customers realize faster value by alleviating the need to own and manage everything. With customers able to adopt technology that meets their needs and choose what they want to manage, partners within the larger VMware ecosystem can better support and provide services to those customers. In turn, this helps customers overcome the challenges of modern business.

With VMware Cross-Cloud managed services, Xtravirt can plug into VMware solutions for more turnkey customer solutions. The company also has greater flexibility to tap into partnerships across the entire VMware partner ecosystem. "We're increasingly seeing customers take a more matrixed partner approach. VMware Cross-Cloud managed services are a natural, high-value extension to our existing portfolio," he explains.

Enabling Digital Innovation in Cloud Computing With the University of Bristol

A joint customer, the University of Bristol showcases how Xtravirt provides continual value as a VMware partner. As part of their digital strategy, the University aims to provide openly accessible, yet physically secure, scalable, adaptable, and cost-effective technologies to their entire user community. They aim to achieve this by developing digital tools that enable them to better engage globally. As such, the University is committed to supporting modern learning and engagement through a multi-year emphasis on boundaryless digital education.

Through its partnership with VMware, Xtravirt was brought onboard to assist the University in scaling with a modular, standardized approach to ensure better use of the institution's cloud services.

The VMware partner took the University's vision and translated it into an operational model based on VMware Cloud Foundation. From there, Xtravirt developed a product strategy that aligned with the University’s digital strategy. The product strategy included everything from initial proofs of concept and IT architecture design to service management so that the institution can continually scale to provide more services.

"Our managed services allow their teams to focus on that next critical stage of their digital strategy," says Jolliffe. The University now has a stable platform, with zero outages, to deliver highly reliable, powerful services at the scale students and research partners require.

“Thanks to our collaboration with Xtravirt we have been able to launch Self-Service Cloud—a platform through which academics can easily access cloud computing services,” says Keith Woolley, Chief Digital Information Officer at the University of Bristol. “What a success Self-Service Cloud is already becoming. Academic colleagues are already starting to provide positive feedback on how this can make a difference in their work and the future potential for the service. We are empowering colleagues through self-service technology.”

"The partnership between VMware and Xtravirt enables us to continually add value to the services we deliver at every stage of our customers’ journeys," Jolliffe adds. "We're excited to keep leveraging our VMware partnership to help our customers excel."

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