Cybersecurity risks are on the rise in Thailand in the wake of rapid digital transformation and remote work put in place by organizations to respond to the pandemic. And as ransomware becomes more malevolent and sophisticated, companies are looking for systems integrators who can help them navigate the complexities of exiting from the health crisis.

Yip In Tsoi, a leading IT solutions provider in the country for more than 60 years, has been doing just that for its customers, including those in finance and banking, telecommunications and the public sector.

A VMware partner of more than 12 years, it has progressed to become a Principal Partner, offering the full suite of VMware solutions from compute to cloud.

“This broad portfolio has opened up new market segments to us as the world rapidly evolves, and we are able to support our customers in navigating their digital transformation, cloud adoption and app modernization journeys,” says Supak Lailert, Executive Director & COO, Yip In Tsoi. “With over 500 professional systems engineers, we’re committed to empowering our customers with an IT system that gives them a competitive advantage and be leaders in their industry.”

Supporting customers every step of the way

According to Suphak, knowing how to implement an IT system is no longer a competitive advantage for a systems integrator. Instead Yip In Tsoi has to keep abreast of business trends, adapt to new technology, understand the true objectives of the customer’s investment and present relevant case studies to the customers.

For example, when the COVID-19 pandemic started, businesses were keen to move to the cloud due to the benefits of flexibility, scalability and easy maintenance. However many remained apprehensive over hidden costs, data security or international data residency regulations.

To address these concerns, Yip In Tsoi helps customers deploy a hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation so that they can easily manage workloads on premises or in the cloud, getting the best of both worlds.

And as organizations adapt to a distributed workforce and network edge, the systems integrator also helps implement solutions such as Workspace ONE and VMware SASE so that their employees, apps and devices can communicate from anywhere securely and efficiently.

“With the rise of bad actors globally, disaster recovery has become increasingly crucial,” adds Suphak. “As a trusted advisor, we see first-hand the operational and cost challenges customers have with it.”

Designing and building a VMware vSphere-based disaster recovery (DR) environment can often be an enormous and complicated undertaking as IT teams have to consider how to:

  • Replicate data across branches if the environment has many virtual machines of varying importance
  • Increase the speed of recovery to reduce downtime and minimize damage
  • Provide continuous backup in a cost-effective manner
  • Keep inter-site connectivity effortless and seamless.

To cater to these four factors and add value to customers, Yip In Tsoi collaborated with VMware to introduce VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, enabling organizations to get easy and fast access to on-demand DR, without having to maintain a secondary DR site. The pay-as-you-go model keeps the process flexible and cost-efficient, ensuring DR readiness even for small companies.

Succeeding together

Yip In Tsoi is one of VMware’s most valued partners in Thailand, thanks to its deep technical expertise and strong coverage across many industries.

“VMware and Yip In Tsoi is a very good example of partner synergy,” says Phukij Pongcharnchavalit, Sales Director, Commercial and Public Sector, VMware Thailand. “We provide them with technical enablement, training, go to market, and whatever it takes to make sure we succeed together.”

At the same time, Yip In Tsoi continues to invest in raising the technical capabilities within its engineering team to ensure they are able to serve customers well. It has achieved four VMware Master Services Competencies in Cloud Management and Automation, Digital Workspace, Data Center Virtualization, and Network Virtualization. It plans to complete another three in Cloud Native Apps, VMware Cloud on AWS, and VMware Cloud Foundation by next year.

“In an increasingly volatile world, digital transformation initiatives remain a top strategic business priority for companies in Thailand,” says Suphak. “Because of our strong partnership with VMware, we can offer relevant end-to-end solutions to our customers, and be their trusted guide in a volatile and complex world.”

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