VMware Spotlight: Rackspace Technology Winner of the 2020 Partner Social Impact Award

VMware Spotlight: Rackspace Technology Winner of the 2020 Partner Social Impact Award 

Each year, VMware awards specific partners for extraordinary achievements across the globe. There was a rigorous review and evaluation process, and this was our most competitive year so far! Out of the seven global award winners, here, VMware highlights the 2020 global winner of the Partner Social Impact Award – Rackspace Technology, INC., a VMware Cloud provider who delivers managed services, who has positively impacted the world using VMware technologies. From an interview with Rackspace Technology’s CEO, Kevin M. Jones, he shares an inside look at all things Rackspace –– who they are, their relationship with VMware, and how they have exemplified social impact worldwide.

Rackspace: The Multi-Cloud Experts

With 125,000 customers globally, Rackspace Technology is the largest pure-play multi-cloud provider. For the past 20 years, they have led the innovational pursuit in the realms of multi-cloud, network and security, data, and applications. Rackspace Technology originated managed hosting, invented OpenStack in partnership with NASA, created “Fanatical Support,” as well as other innovative technologies and solutions. Their portfolio spans across professional services from the ability to advise and design to build, manage, and optimize the solutions they produce.

Rackspace Technology also looks toward the future. They are consistently investing in cloud-native application development, AI, ML, IoT, security services, and containers. Their primary goal is to solve their customers’ problems and move them to the cloud faster – a goal much more easily achievable through a robust and lasting partnership with VMware.

A Decades-Long Partnership

For almost 15 years, Rackspace Technology and VMware have been partners. “It’s truly amazing and one of the strongest I’ve seen in my career,” says Rackspace Technology CEO, Kevin M. Jones. To strengthen this partnership, Pat Gelsinger, VMware’s CEO, and Jones, regularly align on strategy. Executives from both companies across sales, engineering, and solutions work together to innovate and go to market. This relationship intertwines at every level, across both organizations, and customers benefit from this strategy by gaining access to cutting edge offerings from VMware.

Not only to the benefit of customers, but this close partnership also enabled Rackspace Technology to be one of the first Cloud Verified partners to offer solutions based on VMware SDDC, as well as one of the first launch partners for VMware Cloud on AWS. Rackspace Technology is one of two VMware partners enabled to offer a validated external storage offering for VMware Cloud on AWS.

As VMware and Rackspace Technology’s relationship grows, engineering efforts will continue as VMware rolls out solutions to support other platforms. As a Principal Partner and one of VMware’s largest MSPs (Managed Service Providers), managing over 100,000 VMs, Rackspace Technology has hundreds of VMware certified technicians available. They can architect, deploy, and troubleshoot customers’ environments, no matter how complex.

Impacting Customers Around the World

While many industry-focused awards recognize technology and products, the Partner Social Impact Award is different. VMware is proud to acknowledge Rackspace Technology for the social impact work they have done with organizations like Feeding America and The National Kidney Registry. “This award is especially meaningful because it focuses on the value that our solutions bring to help our customers and their employees and improve the lives of others,” says Kevin M. Jones.

Now more than ever, the mission of Feeding America is vital. In a behind-the-scenes role, VMware and Rackspace help feed families in need. Through the use of managed services, Feeding America can optimize their IT spend and reinvest those savings while providing over four billion meals to one in eight Americans annually.

Rackspace also works with The National Kidney Registry (NKR), which facilitates up to 40 transplants per month. With the support of a managed VMware-based private cloud and Rackspace Managed Security, the NKR’s invaluable kidney recipient/donor database protects against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s) and other cyberattacks.

Over the years, “Rackspace has played a critical role in helping us build and deliver VMware Cloud solutions to our mutual customers. To see them awarded for using technology for good, an area so important to VMware, enhances our partnership even further,” says Geoff Thompson, Vice President of WW Cloud Provider Sales.

VMware Partners Affect the World

The Partner Social Impact Award recognizes genuinely innovative leaders across the globe beyond technologies and solutions.

Stay tuned for more spotlights from the VMware Partner of the Year awards, just like this one. If you are interested in learning more about how to become a VMware Partner or finding a VMware Partner or solution to achieve your business objectives, learn more here.

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