Recognizing our 2020 Global VMware Partner Trailblazer Award Winner 

VMware annually honors a distinguished group of global partners with the VMware Partner of the Year Awards. The awards recognize partners that have delivered exceptional results and innovation using VMware solutions and are divided into six categories, each with a global winner and three regional winners. 

The recipient of the 2020 Global VMware Partner Trailblazer Award went to one of our Principal-tier partners, TeraSky. It recognizes TeraSky’s outstanding implementation of emerging VMware technologies, typically for large-scale projects with VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware Tanzu.

As a VMware Principal-tier partner, TeraSky has earned all six Master Services Competencies: Cloud Management and Automation, Data Center Virtualization, Network Virtualization, VMware Cloud on AWS, Cloud Native Applications and Digital Workspace. In fact, TeraSky has the distinction of being the first company globally to earn the Cloud Native Application badge, immediately applying its newfound expertise in Kubernetes and platform operations to deliver Tanzu projects in large-scale environments.

“Winning the VMware Partner Trailblazer Award reinforces that our focus on VMware solutions and competencies improves our success at providing customers with outstanding professional services on even the most complex projects,” says Lir Shif, CTO of TeraSky. “We can help businesses bring new initiatives to market faster, often being the first in their industries to offer these services. Our commitment to partnering with VMware and our customers gives us—and the clients we serve—a competitive edge.”

Rapid migration: Digital transformation at speed

TeraSky Group is a group of companies focused on distinct areas. These companies enable the group to stay on the leading edge of technology areas and better address key customer technology needs in each area.

  • TeraSky Modern IT: Hybrid cloud solutions, data protection storage, hyperconvergence, and private cloud platforms.
  • TeraSky Cloud and DevOps: Public clouds providing DevOps projects on top of AWS and Google Cloud, including Kubernetes, microservices security, and the entire Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) landscape.
  • TeraSky Artificial Intelligence: AI solutions, including deep learning and machine learning pipeline on top of NVIDIA technologies and modeling with advanced data science capabilities.
  • TeraSky End User Computing: Use cases for end users based primarily on VMware Horizon and VMware Workspace ONE.
  • Sky-TQ: A partnership with partner ITQ that provides 24/7 VMware support for shared customers worldwide.

TeraSky helps its customers transform traditional processes to modern, agile ones, leveraging existing and new technologies to support their transformation. That requires staying on top of emerging technologies and technology trends.

“We invest heavily in professional services, delivering VMware solutions and the entire environment around them,” says Shif. “For example with VMware Tanzu, in order to deliver cloud-native projects, we had to master the vast portfolio of products within the CNCF landscape, including products that are not part of the Tanzu ecosystem. By combining our expertise from TeraSky Modern IT and TeraSky Cloud and DevOps, we can provide customers with end-to-end solutions. And by using VMware Cloud on AWS and the Tanzu portfolio, we enable IT and DevOps teams to adopt modern applications.”

Many TeraSky customers develop new lines of businesses by acquiring other companies. Its customer Crossover, routinely has to lift and shift entire infrastructures of acquired companies to its primary infrastructure. Two years ago, TeraSky and Crossover developed the ability to lift and shift the acquired infrastructures to VMware Cloud and AWS in just 90 days. As a result, Crossover can acquire more companies each month and increase its business.

In addition, TeraSky recently leveraged VMware to help a customer migrate an entire AI workflow from the public cloud to a private cloud, establishing a full software-defined data center (SDDC) with NVIDIA GPU on-premises. “By using the VMware stack and NVIDIA technology, we migrated all AI workloads to a private cloud, reducing costs dramatically while providing the same experience to the developers and the same agility the data scientists need,” explains Shif.

Blazing ahead with value stream mapping workshops

TeraSky does more than just adopt the latest VMware technologies. It developed a compelling way to show customers the value of those technologies through workshops; specifically, value stream mapping workshops.

“CTOs, CIOs, and IT managers are often visionaries, but they have trouble challenging the status quo inside their businesses,” says Shif. “It’s no secret that organizations often resist change. To show the value of new technologies, you have to change the culture and reevaluate traditional business processes.”

TeraSky accomplishes this by mapping and visualizing existing processes inside its customers’ businesses. Only then can the businesses identify the bottlenecks. “Once our customers see the whole picture, we can recommend the best VMware solutions to solve each challenge,” says Shif.

A History of Investment in VMware

“We are always eager to adopt cutting-edge VMware technologies,” Shif says. “It’s how we successfully complete complicated projects and achieve the best outcomes for our customers.”

TeraSky Group always looks to build on its VMware expertise, including earning Master Services Competencies delivered through the VMware Partner Connect program. The company also participates in VMware beta programs, providing feedback on new solutions to help VMware technologies stay at the forefront of innovation—and the TeraSky team is always well-prepared to execute on its customers’ goals.

Your Next Steps?

  • Stay tuned for more spotlights from the 2020 VMware Partner of the Year awards just like this one and meanwhile, consider submitting your application for the 2021 VMware Partner Achievement Awards program.
  • Use our Partner Locator to find/locate other Principal-tier partners like TeraSky and find out how you too, can become a VMware Principal-tier partner to help drive your business success.

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