Managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Solution Enables Employees to Securely Work from Remote Locations

When the pandemic had its first surge in Q1 2020, there were a number of people and organizations that stepped up to plate to support the millions across the globe who were sent into an immediate state of flux. One of the companies that quietly helped tens of thousands of people was VMware’s strategic partner Dizzion

A VMware cloud provider partner, Dizzion offers a managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution that makes it safe and effective for employees to work from remote locations. When stay-at-home mandates and guidelines were issued by federal governments, they forced most organizations to shut the doors of office buildings, contact centers, operational hubs and other brick-and-mortar locations. This created an immediate need to support entire teams of employees and end users now working from home instead of within the safety and performance of the office network.

“One of our customers operates a home security and automation service with millions of subscribers,” explains Robert Green, President and Chief Technology Officer of Dizzion. “High-volume, high-quality contact center interactions are essential to their business. When COVID struck, we helped them seamlessly move 1,400 contact center agents to a work-from-home (WFH) model in just two weeks.”

Fortunately, the Dizzion VMware-based managed DaaS solution was engineered from the ground up to provide maximum agility, optimize end-user experience, and make a complex, high-impact initiative like virtual desktops easy to implement and easy to manage. Built with VMware Horizon and VMware VeloCloud, Dizzion cloud desktops deliver the performance to power resource-intensive, latency-sensitive applications—video conferencing tools, web meeting apps, contact center solutions— that have become essential in the COVID era. For the everyday employee, lack of performance with use cases like online meetings has been a top 2020 pain point. Not for Dizzion customers. 

“Dizzion has been optimizing cloud desktop delivery for ten years, using real customer feedback and use cases as the driver of our commitment to continuous platform improvement,” continued Green. “When the first wave of unprecedented demand hit, we were ready. My hat goes off to the entire Dizzion team for the long hours they put in to make sure every customer in need of a rapid remote work solution was supported and that actual performance was as advertised.” 

“Technologies like VMware Horizon are core to what we do and help us drive superior audio quality through Dizzion cloud desktops, at scale,” added Green. “To put it in perspective, we route millions of phone calls per day through the Dizzion End-User Cloud Platform. Audio has to be crisp and clear. Our customers demand it. Thanks to VMware, customers were able to fast-track WFH transitions and keep their businesses running at peak performance throughout the pandemic.”

VMware Technology Gives Way to Partner Innovation & IP Development

Automation plays a key role in accelerating service agility. Built on VMware technology, Dizzion uses a home-grown service orchestration tool called COSMOS Control Center - or “C3” - to eliminate manually intensive, time-consuming, and error-prone administrative tasks. One of Dizzion’s key differentiators is the turnkey nature of their managed cloud solution. Instead of dealing with the complexity of other DIY or semi-managed virtual desktop solutions, Dizzion customers are able to set and forget, a valuable capability with unexpected IT change. C3 creates operational efficiency gains unique to Dizzion, allowing the company to maximize the value derived from each employee involved in customer service delivery. C3 also unlocks the power of the public cloud as it is able to deploy fully functional Cloud desktops on any VMware based cloud. This capability was proven in 2020 with an unprecedented 300% increase in demand. C3 also offers customers transparency into their entire Dizzion environment. This goes beyond the confidence and peace of mind necessary when outsourcing something as important as employee desktops. It provides real-time data, reporting and analytics that can be used to make data-driven desktop decisions like capacity management.

Comprehensive Lifecycle Services Improve Customer Outcomes

C3 helps Dizzion enhance customer satisfaction and optimize end-user experiences. Unlike some of its competitors, Dizzion works closely with customers to understand their particular business requirements, use cases, and technical objectives. “Our service delivery process is unique,” explains Green. “We partner with our customers and walk through their applications and validate that the cloud virtual desktop solution we created meets their needs.” With Horizon and VeloCloud, Dizzion can gradually add users to the system, adjust configurations, and prioritize traffic in real-time to help ensure high service quality for business-critical applications.

Once a customer is fully deployed, C3 proactively monitors the implementation and automatically identifies and resolves network performance constraints and service quality issues—often before they are detected by end users.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Dizzion customer experience team is always available to help customers in need. Unlike other service providers that limit support to email and portal interactions, Dizzion offers a 24x7x365 problem resolution hotline. A live support rep is always just a phone call away. This is particularly important now, when teleworkers compete for bandwidth with other family members who are working or learning from home—which could impair the virtual desktop experience.

A Proven Commitment to VMware Technological Prowess

Dizzion has invested heavily to optimize user experience and service quality and build its knowledge of VMware products and technologies. The managed service provider has attained VMware Advanced Partner Status and is expected to complete three VMware Master Services Competencies (MSCs) - Data Center Virtualization, Cloud Provider, & Digital Workspace – by early spring. Customers can be assured they are in good hands when it comes to the design, deployment, and operation of their VMware-powered solutions. Dizzion also won the VMware Partner Innovation Award in 2021 for its proven track record in staying at the forefront of technology and helping customers develop next-gen systems to become more agile and resilient in an ever-changing market.

The VMware relationship helps Dizzion expand its offerings and better serve its customers. Another differentiator unique to Dizzion, the cloud desktops offer the flexibility of “Any Cloud” Global Delivery. This means customers can choose the VMware-based clouds their desktops are delivered from, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM Cloud. The versatile DaaS solution helps customers avoid lock-in, further digital transformation, and take full advantage of all the benefits of a multi-cloud architecture in 65 locations, in 26 countries on 6 continents across the globe.

Next Steps

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