Learning Paths 

VMware's role-based Learning Paths provide sequential training roadmaps aligned with your job function, your current skill level, goals, and your organization's area of focus.

VMware Learning Paths are designed to help you reach your highest level of proficiency with VMware technologies. Whether you're just starting out with virtualization or you're a seasoned veteran marketing, selling, architecting or deploying VMware solutions. The role-based learning paths will take you on an educational journey tailored to meet your needs.


VMware Accreditations - Boost Your Career and Your Earnings

VMware Sales Professional (VSP)

If you're in a sales-related role, your first step on your education journey is to become a VSP. Once you've learned the basics from the Foundation accreditation, you can move on to the Proficiency Track and earn VSP accreditations in specific-solution areas. Training options include online and self-paced modules.

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VMware Certifications

VMware certifications provide opportunities to learn, test your knowledge and recognize your achievements in designing, deploying and managing VMware solutions in IT/cloud environments. VMware offers industry recognized certifications for highly-skilled technical professionals with demonstrated expertise in: Data Center Virtualization, Cloud Management and Automation, Network Virtualization, or Digital Workspace.

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VMware Operations Professional (VOP)

The VMware Operations Professional (VOP) is an accreditation designed to provide the “quote-to-cash” process training and skills needed to efficiently process orders and effectively manage perpetual licensing products and subscription-based service offerings.

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VMware Technical Solutions Professional (VTSP)

VTSP is designed to provide those in a technical selling role with the basic solution expertise for VMware's core products and solutions. It also provides strategies for positioning those solutions to end customers, in support of the sales’ story.

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Solution Competencies 

VMware Solution Competencies make it easier to distinguish yourself and deliver comprehensive virtualization and cloud computing solutions to your customers. Partner Solution Competencies focus on developing selling skills, architecture proficiency and deployment expertise to help drive your success.

  • Opportunity to differentiate your company's expertise
  • Quantifiable returns on training investments
  • Increased eligibility for VMware Partner Connect benefits

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