Boost Your Business with the VMware Cloud Verified Badge

VMware customers are looking for flexibility and control in choosing cloud services for their enterprise workloads. And with Cloud Verified services, you can be the right partner to deliver. Adding the VMware Cloud Verified badge to your cloud service offerings signals to your customers and prospects that your foundational cloud technologies and services are based on VMware Cloud Infrastructure, including VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, and VMware NSX. 

For your customers, the VMware Cloud Verified badge represents:

  • Integration and interoperability: Deploy core compute, storage, and network building blocks enabling freedom and flexibility to run your apps where you want, in the cloud or your data center.
  • Flexibility: Choose from a variety of VMware Cloud Verified partner services worldwide supporting various vertical markets and compliance certifications and delivering services capabilities to meet individual customer requirements.
  • Cost optimization: Leverage your IT team’s existing skill sets and lower your TCO with consistent operations and infrastructure from your data center to the cloud.

Contact your VMware Business Development Manager to learn how to obtain the VMware Cloud Verified badge.


VMware Cloud Infrastructure: Why It Matters to Your Customers 

Developers and business stakeholders, IT, and end users benefit from VMware data center and cloud infrastructure:

  • Improved time to market
  • Businesses protection with data center infrastructure optimized for private and public clouds
  • IT can help eliminate silos with consistent skills, policies, tools, and visibility
  • End users can easily access apps from anywhere

VMware and VMware Cloud Providers are accelerating digital business transformation by enabling consistent operations and infrastructure across clouds and devices.