Cognizant and VMware help customers innovatively serve the digital needs of millennial workers and consumers.


Cognizant and VMware are working together to help customers modernize their existing applications and data, as well as develop new applications that can be deployed into private, public or hybrid cloud environments.


VMware and Cognizant Innovating Partnership

See how the partnership has strengthened with the foundation of VMware’s reference architecture and executive commitment to the customer’s enhanced software journey.



Cognizant WorkNEXT™

Cognizant WorkNEXT™ is a platform that empowers employees to work efficiently in the new-age digital workplace. Cognizant WorkNEXT™ redefines the way IT delivers applications and services to users across all devices and operating systems. It empowers users working from anywhere, at any time, from any device with secured access to business productivity resources.

Hybrid cloud—VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS is one of the core capabilities of Cognizant’s hybrid cloud offering that allow customers to have the elasticity, flexibility, economics, and a large range of AWS public cloud services. Cognizant brings its cloud steps methodology which includes the five steps of hybrid cloud lifecycle that maps to customers’ adoption journey of the VMware Cloud on AWS for their existing or newer applications:

  • envision and strategize
  • assess and plan
  • design and build
  • migrate and validate
  • run and optimize

VMware and Cognizant: Modernizing Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud

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