Enabling your data center modernization by delivering exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and scalability.

Helping You Build Business Resilience

 As an IT leader, you may be facing the challenges that come with aging infrastructure and increasing demands on the data center. Modernizing data centers beyond outdated, hardware-based silos to a simpler, software-defined environment can streamline and improve operations, agility, flexibility, and scalability with while helping lower TCO, including energy costs.

Ready to Take Your Virtualized Environment to the Next Level? 

AMD and VMware powered solutions provide the flexibility for you to successfully navigate dynamic technology, business, and market conditions. Together, AMD and VMware deliver high performance, cost efficiency, and flexibility—while scaling to address new use cases and helping you to achieve your corporate sustainability goals.

Meet your data center needs with appliance-based platforms, vSAN ReadyNodes, which can work within your existing environment. Choose ReadyNodes that have been validated to provide predictable performance and scalability from your preferred OEM partner. Some HCI deployments also converge networking to offer “software-defined networking” (SDN). Software such as VMware vSphere® then creates the virtual compute nodes, storage clusters, and switches to replicate a complete datacenter without the need for expensive, siloed architecture tiers.

Manage a variety of workloads such as networking, storage, and security from the CPU by leveraging AMD Pensando DPUs, freeing up valuable CPU cycles to be used for business functions and revenue generating applications. Along with the VMware vSphere Distributed Services Engine, AMD Pensando DPUs can help customers reduce operational costs by unifying workload management, improve performance by freeing up CPU resources, and providing an added layer of security by isolating infrastructure services from server tenant workloads.

VMware recognizes AMD and HPE for working collaboratively to deliver high-value, tailored solutions to customers with the 2023 Partner Achievement Award.

The backbone of digital transformation is a high-performing application infrastructure that is efficient, reliable, and secure. AMD and VMware continue to lead the way in driving innovations that support these foundational requirements. By combining systems based on 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors with the latest and most advanced VMware vSphere releases, customers can benefit from a more modern, cloud-enabled infrastructure that addresses the performance, security, and efficiency requirements of today’s digital enterprise.
- Krish Prasad, Senior Vice President and General Manager for VMware Cloud Platform Business, VMware


Why AMD Pensando

Bring hyperscale DPU technology to your data center which delivers:

  • An established solution in production today with customers including Goldman Sachs, Microsoft Azure, NetApp, and Oracle Cloud
  • The Pensando Distributed Services card, being one of the first DPU solutions to support VMware vSphere 8
  • An AMD platform designed to support infrastructure services such as security, storage, networking, and real time telemetry, all running simultaneously


Drive innovation within your virtualized environments. AMD EPYC™ processors accelerate virtualized business applications at breakneck speed and simplicity:

  • Up to 2X faster performance for key business workloads like VMware vSAN
  • Simplified management and greater consolidation potential, enabling lower TCO
  • Fortification with AMD Infinity Guard—a full suite of advanced security features to help protect data from the core to the application layer
  • Powerful connectivity and accelerated performance for critical business applications
  • Energy efficiencies by meeting application performance demands with fewer servers than competitive solutions in some instances

Switch to AMD with the VMware Architecture Migration Tool (VAMT)

  • Leverage VAMT, developed by VMware and AMD, to migrate from Intel VMs to AMD in an “easy, seamless, and cost-effective" way
  • VAMT is provided as an open-source tool, freely available on Github


It’s time to stop kicking IT infrastructure refreshment down the road. Major disruptions are underway and on the horizon for IT, data centers and organizations. Modern hardware and software help improve your competitiveness, drive efficiencies, and boost your ability to quickly respond to business conditions and demands.

AMD delivers outstanding value for your HCI, with future-ready solutions offering high performance, easy scalability, and robust security features. Learn more about how AMD and VMware can help you navigate today, and tomorrow’s, most important challenges.

The combination of vSphere and AMD EPYC™ processors allows enterprises to realize hyperoptimized performance with lowest TCO and energy consumption, in pursuit of data center modernization, says VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram.