The best storage for VMware: Any workload, any app, anywhere.

NetApp and VMware have spent the past 20 years and with over 20,000 joint customers, have defined the virtualized data center. Together, we deliver trusted storage and virtualized infrastructure solutions, all in a unified digital environment that unlocks performance, efficiency, and cost savings for your virtualized applications.

Cloud-ready infrastructure optimized for VMware

Simplify, accelerate and future proof vSphere upgrades with NetApp all flash.

Trusted by every industry, VMware and NetApp are driving innovation for the virtualized datacenter to deliver optimized performance for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Fully Integrated with vSphere

Optimize vSphere to accelerate performance with NetApp ONTAP across the entire hybrid multi-cloud.

Protect Data by Design

Data protection for your VMware enviornment built in to NetApp ONTAP on-premises and in the cloud.

NetApp & VMware Hybrid Multi-Cloud

For over 20 years with over 20,000 joint customers, NetApp has been trusted with your VMware environments.

NetApp All Flash

For over 30 years, NetApp has been the leading innovator in data storage, offering the only portfolio in the market with a single unified operating system – NetApp ONTAP – for file, block, and object storage running on performance flash, capacity flash, and hybrid flash.

NetApp All SAN Array (ASA)

The days of choosing between performance and efficiency are in the past. NetApp® ASA systems deliver simple, dedicated block storage with superior performance, high availability, and leading efficiency — no trade-offs necessary.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Powered by Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Imagine your storage-heavy vSphere workloads humming along on AWS, and your apps running efficiently at cloud scale. It’s now within reach. A new solution by VMware and AWS decouples compute and storage, enabling flexible capacity without performance trade-offs.

Azure VMware Solution: Powered by Azure NetApp Files datastores

Optimize your storage-intensive VMware applications in the cloud with Azure NetApp Files datastores for Azure VMware Solution. Cut costs by up to 30% while simplifying operations and reducing risk.

Google Cloud VMware Engine: Fueled by Google Cloud NetApp Volumes datastores

Migrate your storage-rich apps and modernize your VMware infrastructure without upskilling, starting from scratch, or wasting budget. Decouple storage from compute and flexibly extend VMware workloads to the Google Cloud – without refactoring code or redesigning processes.


To build a better hybrid cloud experience that solves IT challenges like data security, staffing, and future growth, you need a solid foundation. Loaded with industry-leading innovations, NetApp® ONTAP® data management software gives you every advantage possible, everywhere your data lives.

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