Pioneering Digital Transformation with Samsung and VMware

Together, VMware and Samsung empower employees on Samsung devices with VMware Workspace ONE unified endpoint management (UEM) technology and VMware Horizon. The combination unifies the experience across all devices, allowing IT to configure Samsung mobile devices with work-critical resources and multilayered security.

Through the various joint solution offerings, Samsung and VMware enable organizations to manage and secure any Samsung endpoint, and deliver their user’s virtual desktops and applications to their Samsung devices.

Samsung and VMware: Partnership and Technology Highlights

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Samsung and VMware: Delivering Digital Workspace Transformation

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Workspace ONE and Samsung Knox Workspace


Workspace ONE and Samsung Knox Workspace create a secure, streamlined, end-to-end mobility solution. VMware enables management of Samsung devices with device-level and container-level policies from a single console. VMware’s multi-layered security approach protects corporate apps and data on the Samsung endpoints. Containerization of enterprise content provides a secure, dual device experience, splitting the enterprise functions of the Samsung Knox Workspace-enabled device into an encrypted container. The smartphone or tablet can be used as a work device without threatening security.

Workspace ONE Control for Samsung E-FOTA


Workspace ONE integration with Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air (E-FOTA) enables IT to control when OS updates are made on employee’s Samsung devices. Scheduling updates gives IT the time to test new firmware to understand how it will impact mobile business applications before the update is deployed. Manage a single version of the OS within your enterprise and set the specific time of firmware updates to avoid business interruptions. E-FOTA is what enterprises need to increase productivity and decrease downtime.

Workspace ONE and Knox Mobile Enrollment


Samsung together with VMware simplifies device provisioning with Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME), a device level solution for enrolling all Samsung devices. Knox Mobile Enrollment, enables IT to bulk enroll multiple devices simultaneously. When a device is initially powered on and connected to Wi-Fi, the profiles, settings and apps are automatically configured. If a device is factory reset, the device will automatically re-enroll when turned back on. Knox Workspace is also supported by Knox Mobile Enrollment.

Workspace ONE and Samsung DeX


Workspace ONE unifies the Samsung Galaxy mobile experience with the user’s desktop experience. Starting with the Samsung Galaxy S8, users can plug their Samsung smartphone into the Samsung DeX Station, giving them access to their desktop monitor, mouse and keyboard powered by their mobile device. Samsung DeX is bringing a PC-like user experience to its flagship Android devices for enhanced productivity from anywhere. VMware optimizes the DeX experience by bringing the user’s desktop and applications together with Workspace ONE, giving users seamless access to apps and virtual desktops from a single location. VMware Horizon integrates with the Samsung DeX APIs to allow full mouse and keyboard support when accessing Horizon virtualized desktops and applications.



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