Embedded OEM

Embedded OEM partners can deliver a pre-configured, turn-key solution with embedded VMware products to their customers.

What Is an Embedded OEM Partner? 

As an OEM partner, you can embed selected VMware products as an integrated component of your overall software, hardware, or appliance design. VMware enables embedded OEMs in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, video surveillance, communications, gaming, financial services, energy, healthcare, storage, and networking.


VMware works with you to validate design, align go-to-market strategies, and provide access to roadmaps and early software releases.

Embedded OEM Partner Benefits

Why should partners become an embedded OEM?

  • Increase competitiveness and enter new markets
  • Deliver virtualization and end-user computing products with your solutions and sell them worldwide
  • Enable new business models using VMware solutions for hybrid cloud or managed services deployments
  • Decrease solution costs and time-to-revenue by leveraging the Compatibility Guide with hundreds of hardware devices
  • Eliminate downtime with ready-to-deploy features for availability
  • Receive technical guidance on OEM solutions
  • Engage in regular roadmap reviews
  • Access free licenses for OEM solution development
  • Obtain operations resources to help manage your OEM relationship

Embedded OEM Partner Requirements

Embedded OEM partners must:

  • Be a Technology Alliance Partner in good standing
  • Embed and sublicense VMware products as part of the solution
  • Provide L1 and L2 support
  • Provide periodic VMware product updates and upgrades to end users
  • Ensure that VMware Certified Professionals are on staff
  • Meet minimum royalty thresholds