VMware Private AI Partners


Build and deploy software quickly and securely with this modular, application-aware platform, providing robust developer tooling and a prepaved path to production.


DKube is an industry leading enterprise MLOps platform based on innovations of Kubeflow and MLFlow. VMware works with DKube to bring together the IT and data science communities at their enterprise clients so that their AI/ML projects can successfully be deployed and maintained in production.  

Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab is a leading provider of Enterprise MLOps. Together, VMware and Domino deliver robust AI-ready infrastructure and multi-cloud management with full model lifecycle capabilities that accelerate model innovation at scale. VMware, Domino and NVIDIA have teamed to provide a unified analytics, data science, and infrastructure platform that is optimized, validated and supported—purpose-built for AI/ML deployments in the financial services industry.  

Hugging Face

The Hugging Face SafeCoder solution uses AI to assist with software development. VMware works with Hugging Face to streamline model delivery, training, tuning, inferencing and operations on VMware’s Private AI Reference Architecture and Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA. SafeCoder runs on-premises and is tuned against customers’ code repos while ensuring data confidentiality and privacy.  


IBM and VMware are bringing watsonx to on-premises environments through the powerful combination of VMware Private AI, Red Hat OpenShift and the IBM watsonx AI and data platform. Mutual clients will be able to utilize IBM watsonx AI capabilities, data management, and soon its governance capabilities across VMware Cloud Foundation environments with OpenShift to enable fast, transparent and explainable AI models.


VMware solutions are being optimized with Intel’s AI software suite for GenAI platforms to take advantage of new AI accelerators on 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors. This combination of hardware and software addresses the needs of AI professionals, from data scientists who want to customize and fine-tune their models to ML engineers who want to quickly integrate and deploy models into applications.  


Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, has developed new services and capabilities—including an extended VMware Private AI Reference Architecture—to help customers more easily build, deploy and manage generative AI applications across private, public and hybrid cloud environments.


The VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA addresses customer concerns about the cost, confidentiality, data privacy and control of generative AI. The solution integrates VMware Cloud Foundation with the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, including the NVIDIA NeMo framework to provide an easy, cost-effective, fast and secure way to adopt generative AI.


Run:ai acts as a bridge between infrastructure and AI workloads, empowering infrastructure teams with centralized control and visibility over AI infrastructure. With Run:ai Atlas, AI/ML teams can leverage their preferred tools and frameworks, accelerating their workflows and ensuring maximum productivity.

VMware Private AI Ready Certification Program

VMware welcomes additional software vendors to join our ecosystem. Our Private AI Ready Certification Program enables ISVs to validate or certify their solutions on the VMware Private AI Foundation, plus gain co-marketing opportunities with VMware.