Delivering AI to Every Enterprise

VMware and NVIDIA built an elevated strategic partnership to bring an end-to-end platform for AI and to deliver a new architecture for the data center, cloud and edge to support the needs of next-generation applications. This partnership unlocks the potential of AI and next-generation apps for every business in every industry, from medical researchers looking to accelerate breakthroughs in treatments and immunotherapy, to financial services organizations protecting assets with advanced fraud detection to retailers exploring new insights that enhance customer care to many more.

The AI-Ready Enterprise Platform

AI and data driven apps are becoming increasingly mission critical, as nearly every organization looks to tap into analytics and insights from vast amounts of data. With VMware Cloud Foundation, NVIDIA GPUs and AI software, organizations are be able to extend VMware’s proven cloud platform for AI. NVIDIA’s AI software includes GPU virtualization software and a vast portfolio of cloud-native, GPU-optimized containers, models and industry-specific software development kits. The result is an AI-ready platform that runs all enterprise apps – VMs, containers, Kubernetes and AI – and a single set of operations, tools and processes for all apps – significantly expanding the reach of AI while simplifying operations. Even more, organizations can deploy this solution in the datacenter, cloud and edge, to support data gravity requirements, processing the data where it resides, for added speed and efficiency.

New Hybrid Cloud Architecture for Next Gen Apps

As part of VMware’s Project Monterey, VMware Cloud Foundation and NVIDIA BlueField-2 data processing unit (DPU) are helping to create a new architecture for the data center, cloud and edge, purpose built for the needs of next-generation apps. AI, ML, high-throughput and data-centric apps are placing incredible demands on the traditional data center architecture. By offloading hypervisor, networking, security and storage tasks from the CPU to the SmartNIC or DPU, this new architecture promises to deliver breakthrough performance, operations and zero-trust security for next-generation apps across the datacenter, edge and telco clouds.

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Delivering AI to Every Enterprise

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Delivering AI to Every Enterprise

New Hybrid Cloud Architecture for Next Gen Apps

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New Hybrid Cloud Architecture for Next Gen Apps

Enable Flexible Workspaces with NVIDIA and VMware

Deliver Flexibility to the Modern Workplace


Offer performance that’s indistinguishable from physical PC’s or workstations across a wide range of devices

  • Enable wider business mobility: With virtual workspaces powered by NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC) and VMware Horizon that deliver a physical PC experience for every user, and every app including office productivity, multimedia and more.
  • Workstation-class graphics: Extending the trusted benefits of NVIDIA RTX, NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) delivers rich, GPU-accelerated graphics with workstation-class performance to end users across locations and devices from PCs, Macs, Thin Clients, Chromebooks, tablets and mobile devices to maximize workplace productivity.
  • Secure, real-time collaboration from the data center or cloud: Support for secure access to large graphics datasets to enhance workspace collaboration for designers and engineers, from anywhere.

Data Security and Certified Applications


Gain peace of mind with centralized data protection, and certification by NVIDIA and VMware for leading 3D applications

  • Greater security for mission-critical data: Centralization of graphics data sets helps enable greater security across multiple locations and devices.
  • Certification for industry’s leading 3D applications: Full support with NVIDIA and VMware for the industry’s leading ISV applications like Siemens and ESRI, for fast and easy ramp up for organizations across all industries at scale.

Enable Your Remote Workforce Today


NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software enables IT teams to help remote employees stay productive, even when they’re working on sophisticated graphics applications or AI and machine learning workloads. Together, NVIDIA and VMware deliver the power and performance to meet every need, from at home or anywhere.

GPU Virtualization for Every Workload – from AI to VDI

VMware and NVIDIA have partnered to improve virtual desktops and applications, with a consistently great user experience for everyone, from remote office workers to mobile professionals to designers and engineers that need to work from anywhere. VMware and NVIDIA vGPU solutions deliver GPU accelerated computing for every workload, from virtual client computing to the most compute-intensive workloads like AI, data science and high performance computing (HPC). Customers can get the user experience and performance similar to a physical workstation or PC, delivered with the cost-effectiveness that only GPU virtualization can provide.

VMware Horizon and NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS), accelerates graphics-intensive 3D applications,, giving designers and engineers flexibility to work from anywhere, on any device. At the same time, VMware Horizon with NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC) enables organizations to accelerate digital transformation enabling a native PC like experience for modern productivity and collaboration tools. VMware vSphere and NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS), provides high-performance virtual infrastructure solution for AI, deep machine learning, and HPC workloads.

Single Platform, Full Digital Transformation Capability

With NVIDIA virtual GPU solutions powering VMware environments, IT organizations can virtualize graphics and compute, dynamically right-size allocation of resources, and optimize infrastructure utilization of their VDI investment. Using your VMware end-to-end platform that integrates with NVIDIA virtual GPU, you can use the tools you are already familiar with like VMware Aria Operations and support for vSphere live migration.

Customer Success Stories

Nebraska Medicine  

Nebraska Medicine uses NVIDIA Quadro vDWS to improves quality of care. Healthcare professionals can seamlessly access medical imaging and other graphics-intensive app.


Häagen-Dazs improves user experience and productivity of their digital workplace on Windows 10 with GPU acceleration.

Honda R&D  

Honda provides users with high quality performance when working on large designs and 3D analysis with a workstation-like experience on any device.


CannonDesign provides geographically dispersed teams the ability to collaborate in real-time in the same files at the same time.

University of Arkansas  

University of Arkansas provides virtual labs to students who can now access graphics-intensive 3D CAD/CAM and CAE applications 24/7, on any device