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Partner Connect is flexible and unified for the needs of partners, with a single simplified points system for all partner activities throughout the customer lifecycle.


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To capitalize on the unbounded opportunities of the multi-cloud era, the redesigned Partner Connect features an innovative framework and unmatched support for every partner.



Every partner has a unique vision for their VMware business, and Partner Connect’s uniquely versatile design rewards each partner for how they do business.



Partner Connect captures all the ways in which VMware partners create value throughout the customer technology lifecycle, across the full spectrum of transacting and non-transacting activities and capabilities.

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Partner Capabilities

Partner Connect offers multiple paths to success, allowing you to focus on the strategic Partner Capability Pathways that best align with your business focus. Whether you are just beginning and building new practice areas or have validated capabilities to deliver the greatest customer value, Partner Connect offers you opportunities to build profitable business with VMware.

Our Pinnacle and Principal partners have demonstrated the ability to deliver on the highest levels of customer expectations and outcomes.


Program Rewards & Incentives

VMware Partner Connect and its incentive programs reward partners for growing their business, achieving solution competencies, progressing to higher program levels within the program, and supporting their customers through the entire technology lifecycle. Incentive eligibility is determined and applied by program level, market maturity, and partner capability. For more information about our Incentives Programs, visit the Partner Connect Portal.

Find Program Partners & Solutions 

Partner Locator

The Partner Locator is an intuitive search tool allowing customers to locate VMware resellers, system integrators, service providers and technology partners filtered by partner level and VMware Partner Competencies.

VMware Marketplace

VMware MarketplaceTM is a one-stop shop for VMware validated, certified and compatible ecosystem solutions that enables customers to discover, try, purchase, and deploy directly to VMware endpoints.



What is the value proposition for the Partner Connect Program?

Partner Connect is a uniquely flexible program that enables partners to go to market with VMware, accelerate their growth, and be rewarded for the totality of their achievements and capabilities.

What are the Business Models?

VMware Partner Connect is a unified points-based program that covers several partner business models:

Cloud Services Provider (CSP): Provides customers with subscription access to cloud-hosted computing, storage, and software services. Many CSPs also offer traditional managed services such as network, application, infrastructure and security. VMware CSPs comprise 2 categories, Cloud Builders and CSP-SaaS partners, based on whether the hosting data centers are partner- or VMware-operated.
     - CSP-Cloud Builder: Cloud Builder partners provide cloud hosting services via their own data centers. Also known as “asset-heavy” partners.

    - CSP-SaaS: CSP-SaaS partners provide cloud hosting services via data centers owned by VMware or a third-party cloud provider. Also referred to as “asset-lite” partners. 

Solution Services: Specialize in assessing, planning, designing, implementing, integrating, testing, deploying and sometimes maintaining solutions and computing environments and estates. Also commonly referred to as SIs (System Integrators), GSIs (for Global Systems Integrators) or professional services partners.

Solution Builder: Embed or build on the offerings of their primary vendors to ensure customers have integrated solutions and applications that are tailored to their specific vertical or horizontal needs. OEMs (for Original Equipment Manufacturers) are also considered Solution Builders because they embed VMware technology in their own software and hardware offerings. VMware works with Solution Builder partners to validate their solution designs. Also known as ISVs (for Independent Software Vendors).

Solution Reseller: Resell VMware software and services (including activation) to customers after purchasing from a VMware distributor in their market. Also known as VARs (for Value-Added Resellers) when providing services in conjunction with resell transactions.

Is there a Program fee?

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $995 for newly enrolled partners. Partners must maintain Community level or higher to avoid paying a re-enrollment fee.

What are the foundational training requirements?

The foundational training requirements for all partners includes completion of the VSP Foundation and Partner Integrity Trainings (formerly known as Ethics and Compliance trainings). Partners that want to sell subscription-based software need 1 VOP-SE sales certification. Partners that want to sell cloud hosting/managed services they will need 1 VOP-CP or VOP-MSP.*DDQ will still be on an "if required" basis.

Any partner with the ability to resell (Community and above) can transact an ELA or SPF. However, an ELA or SPF does not have to be registered; if registered, the registration is only to receive the associated benefits. Only Advanced, Principal and Pinnacle partners can register opportunities (Transactional or ELA).


Does Partner Connect have program levels?

Partner Connect now offers 5 program levels, determined by performance (bookings and customer lifecycle-related activities) and certified capabilities. In descending order, these 5 levels are:
Pinnacle: VMware’s most strategic global and transformational partners. Recognized as technology leaders in their industries and regions, with multiple program validations and demonstrated sales and services success at scale. Benefits of Pinnacle status include exclusive VMware executive sponsorship and support in addition to all Principal and Advanced program benefits.
Principal: Partners with 1,000 points or more and robust sales and services capabilities, as demonstrated by advanced VMware certifications and customer success. Benefits of Principal status include access to co-selling, the Partner Acceleration Program and the Executive Engagement Experience, additional discounts, and prioritized listing in the Partner Locator.
Advanced: Partners with 300 points or more and demonstrated competencies in sales and technical services, as well as customer experience. Benefits of Advanced status include access to education resources and access to purchasing programs.
Select: Partners that have achieved initial milestones with 100 points in sales success (90%) and certified capabilities (10%). Benefits of Select status include new and expanded access to sales enablement, co-innovation resources, and marketing support, including listing in the Partner Locator.
Community: Partners that have completed the requirements to transact and/or service VMware technology. All Community members have foundational benefits such as access to resources for sales and technical enablement, co-innovation, demand generation, and practice development.

How does a partner reach different program levels?

In the new Partner Connect Program, partners earn their levels holistically, regardless of which business models they engage in. Partners will have a single level in the program to help customers and other partners better understand their level in the program.

What are the VMware Partner Competencies?

At VMware, competencies are meant to recognize sales and technical proficiency, delivery expertise, and customer success for next-generation VMware IT priorities. Achieving a VMware partner competencies allow you to strengthen your services capabilities and unlock valuable partner benefits. There are two types of competencies:

Solution Competencies are a first step and proven route to revenue in profitability in Partner Connect, they provide training and enablement, and reward partners for attaining proficiency in selling VMware solutions across data center, network and security; cloud, and digital workspaces.

Master Services Competencies are VMware Partner enablement designations designed to identify the very best support for customers. A VMware Partner must demonstrate services delivery experience by providing three customer references for recently completed projects.

Specializations – Provide partners with a unique ability to extend their partner practice aligned to Service delivery or specialized knowledge. The goal with specializations it to differentiate the partners practices by validating their slills beyond technical capability and capacity. 

More details on the VMware Competencies can be found here.


What are the benefits of the Partner Connect Program for partners?

Your incentive and investment opportunity is directly aligned to your level within the Partner Connect program. More details can be found in the Partner Connect Guide For specific questions regarding incentives and benefits programs, please contact the Partner Support Center: