Accelerate App Transformation

Cloud and application transformations are complex and planning is essential. But planning tends to be slow, includes many assumptions and can become stale before the work begins. App Navigator, a 4–6 week consulting service within the Rapid Portfolio Modernization program, helps you address which apps to tackle first and determine how much change is needed to move fast and drive business outcomes. We’ll validate this strategy through experiments doing actual app modernization work, identify blockers in your path to production, and establish the best way forward.

Deliver Results Faster

Use hands-on work to test assumptions, inform the strategy, and build an initial backlog so your project has a running start with minimal risk. Accelerate your migration and modernization program with an agile approach that incrementally delivers measurable returns.

Build A Plan

A product of your engagement includes an outcome-oriented roadmap with concrete next-steps to deliver what your organization needs. You’ll have guidance on which apps to rehost, replatform and refactor, and which landing zones are best for each workload.

Start Small and Scale Quickly

We work alongside your practitioners or partners, imparting proven practices, tooling and documenting repeatable patterns that set you up for success long after our engagement ends.

Webinar: Start and Scale Your Cloud Initiative Faster Than You Thought Possible

Cloud and application transformation is easy to talk about but harder to do. Learn how to kickstart an initiative, deliver quick wins and enable your team for continued success.


Establish a Rationalization Framework

Create a decision-making funnel used for application selection and prioritization based on technical, business and organizational factors.

Baseline the Path to Production

Analyze your software supply chain to review existing tooling and process and identify opportunities for measured improvement.

Deliver an Outcomes-Based Roadmap

Compile findings based on business analysis, technical spikes and hands on work. Create a value driven roadmap and present during an executive readout with stakeholders.

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Ready to Get Started?

App Navigator helps you choose and execute an app modernization strategy quickly and with confidence so you can deliver results faster.