Scale on Demand


Customize Your Capacity in the Cloud

Tap the cloud for dynamic scalability to meet business growth and spikes in demand—without disrupting application performance or user experience.

Learn how VMware cloud scalability solutions enable you to take advantage of a seamlessly accessible infrastructure, from data center to cloud.


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Why Scale on Demand with VMware?

Speed Disaster Recovery

Eliminate the need for building and maintaining secondary data centers as part of your DRaaS solution.

Adjust Capacity on Demand

Meet unexpected, seasonal and cyclical spikes in demand.

Minimize Downtime

Implement a recovery solution that provides availability for mission-critical applications.

Unify Security and Governance

Deploy consistent data management and security policies across the entire IT environment.

Mitigate Outages

Ensure applications are running during planned and unplanned outages.

Ensure Continuity and Compliance

Maintain regulatory standards during unexpected capacity changes and outages.

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Take advantage of on-demand cloud capacity when you purchase and deploy a VMware-based software-defined data center in the AWS cloud.

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Benefits of Cloud Scalability 


Seamless Scalability from the Data Center to the Cloud

Learn how to make cloud scalability a differentiator for your organization with VMware Cloud on AWS, the hybrid cloud solution that can customize your capacity in the public cloud.

eBook: The Enterprise Guide to Scaling on Demand 

Leverage Cloud Economics to Determine Your Scalability Strategy

Find the most cost-effective and least risky way to seamlessly scale your environment.

eBook: The Economics of Infrastructure Scalability 

Uninterrupted Availability from the Data Center to the Cloud

Learn what scaling on demand means for your business.

Solution Brief: Scale on Demand 

Overcome Key Scalability Challenges

Learn about the biggest scalability challenges from cloud leaders and experts and how VMware solutions can help.

Infographic: Five Biggest Scalability Challenges 

Find Out What It Means to Scale on Demand Using Seamless Hybrid Infrastructure

Get answers to some frequently asked questions about what on-demand scalability is, how it works, and how your business can benefit.

FAQ: Scale on Demand 

VMware Products to Help You Scale on Demand

VMware Cloud Foundation

Access integrated cloud infrastructure and cloud management services to run enterprise applications in both private and public environments.

VMware Cloud on AWS

Accelerate your cloud migration with consistent vSphere-based infrastructure delivered on AWS, the world’s leading public cloud.

Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS

Deliver a robust, feature-rich cloud platform for virtual desktops and applications.

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Stagecoach Group

“Since moving to VMware Cloud on AWS, I'm worrying less about operational uptime. There is a certainty, an assurance that everything works. Also, we feel we’re at the forefront of technology. There are additional features coming online every month.” – Sam Akroyd, Technical Services Manager

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