Move workloads rapidly and seamlessly across VMware SDDC compute, network, management, storage and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution integrates VMware on-premises tools, skillsets, and processes with public Oracle Cloud services. The Solution is a fully customer-managed, customer-operated native VMware cloud environment based on VMware Validated Design for use with the public Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Increase Cloud Scale and Capacity

Grow cloud-scale and capacity quickly, cost-efficiently using Oracle Cloud VMware Solution to bridge VMware on-premises data centers with the Oracle public cloud.

Utilize Familiar Toolsets

On-premises workloads can be ported to the Oracle Cloud in hours or days rather than months or years, minimizing business disruption by leveraging familiar toolsets.

Port Existing Applications

VMware-based applications, across versions, can be moved across Oracle Cloud without the need for manual porting, refactoring code, or resolving configuration differences.

Extend Cloud Flexibility with Data Proximity

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution runs in all 20 of Oracle’s global regions, offering data proximity, optimal performance, and data sovereignty compliance.

Benefits of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Control Your Cloud Journey

Maintain complete administrative control of the cloud spanning cloud access and tenancy, the operating system and software version management.

Save Transport Fees

Connect directly with the Oracle virtual cloud network via dedicated, private, high-bandwidth connections – paying a consistent price each month based on data volume and port speed.

Unleash Cloud Networking

Support Layer 2 network virtualization, allowing applications written for physical networks to run without alteration on Oracle Cloud.

Leverage Oracle Cloud Services

Leverage Oracle’s Autonomous Database™, Exadata Cloud™, FastConnect™, and Database Cloud™, from your existing cloud data centers and networks, with consistent portal access and modernized APIs.

Key Components of Oracle Cloud VMware Solution

Leverage your existing investments, skills and tools.

VMware vSphere

Run existing applications alongside modern containerized apps on the server virtualization platform geared for modern hybrid cloud.

VMware NSX

Connect and protect apps across the data center, multi-cloud, bare metal and containers – all from a single pane of glass.

VMware HCX

Seamlessly extend your on-premises environments into cloud with the tool built for workload rebalancing and business continuity.

VMware vSAN

Reduce cost and complexity – while improving business agility – with this enterprise-class storage virtualization software.

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