Virtualizing SAP Environments on VMware

Customers can now transform and virtualize their entire SAP landscapes, from transactional to analytic workloads, and take the next step toward the software-defined data center. Running SAP on the VMware platform provides the simplicity, efficiency and agility customers demand for their most mission critical enterprise environments.


Deliver Fast, Agile and Resilient Performance in a Virtualized Environment

Alex Yost discusses how IBM x86 servers with SAP HANA on the VMware platform will deliver new benefits for customers.

Virtualize SAP HANA on vSphere 6.0 up to 4TB

Production SAP HANA now supported on vSphere 6.0 for scale-up instances up to 4TB. Accelerate and grow your SAP HANA and S/4 HANA deployments.

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Simplify SAP Landscape Management and Provisioning

VMware Adapter for SAP Landscape Management (LaMa) enables automated provisioning and management of a virtualized SAP system.

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What Virtualizing SAP with VMware Does

High Availability

VMware vSphere High Availability capabilities with automated fault tolerance enable SAP managers to deliver exceptional uptime and business continuity for their mission critical environments.

Zero Downtime

Migrate live running workloads from one certified host to another with zero downtime and zero data loss with vSphere vMotion.

Rapid, Automated Provisioning

On-demand deployment of applications in minutes with automated provisioning and template cloning ensure consistency and scalability across SAP environments.

Lower TCO

Reduce CapEx and OpEx via better utilization of existing infrastructure and resources and automated provisioning and management.

Dedicated Support

SAP and VMware have established a world-class support infrastructure, with dedicated teams focused on our customers.

Consulting Services

VMware Professional Services and SAP Consulting together provide a full range of services from assessment to implementation and optimization to help customers transform their SAP environments.

SAP HANA on VMware vSphere for Production Environments

SAP HANA now runs in production on vSphere 6.0, the foundation of our vCloud Suite. Combine the power of the SAP HANA in memory platform with VMware vSphere to achieve faster time-to-value, better service levels and lower TCO for your production environments and take the next step to the software-defined datacenter. Benefits include:

  • Faster Time-to-Value: Accelerate and automate provisioning and reduce deployment time to hours rather than days (Source: Based on EMC IT internal analysis). Use template provisioning to ensure consistency and scalability across environments.
  • Better Service Levels: With vSphere vMotion, live migrate SAP HANA across hosts in minutes with zero downtime and zero data loss. Ensure 99.9% (Source: EMC IT, 2/14 EMC Perspective, H12853) high availability and maximize uptime by automatically restarting SAP HANA virtual machines with vSphere High Availability. Automatically manage peak analytic workloads.
  • Lower TCO: Reduce CapEx by 70% and OpEx (Source: Taneja Group Research 2014) by 56% through greater utilization of existing resources and infrastructure. Unify and manage SAP HANA with the rest of your virtualized data center. Improve resource utilization through simplified operations management.

EMC Data Center Transformation with SAP HANA and VMware vSphere

SAP Landscape Virtualization Journey

We would love to know more from you about your SAP virtualization experience and future plans.

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Increase Agility with SAP HANA on the VMware Platform

Abdi Goodarzi of Deloitte discusses how SAP HANA on the VMware platform will enable them to deliver more scalable and agile IT platforms.

EMC Data Center Transformation with SAP HANA and VMware

William Reid, Sr. Director, IT at EMC outlines EMC's IT transformation with SAP HANA and VMware. EMC leverages a virtual first strategy built on top of, around and inclusive of everything VMware.

Infosys Case Study

Infosys pioneers implementation of VMware virtualization for SAP HANA on the Hitachi Unified Compute Platform to offer customers new SAP HANA based services running on VMware.

Case Study

Transform Business - Achieve Better Control and Faster Analytics

Tom Joyce discusses how HP Converged Systems with SAP HANA on the VMware platform will enable business transformation.

AMG showcases SAP HANA adoption and virtualization with VMware

AMG showcases the journey of adopting SAP HANA and virtualizing with VMware, at the 2014 SAP SAPPHIRE NOW conference in Orlando

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More deployment options with SAP HANA on the VMware platform

Cameron McNaught of Fujitsu discusses how SAP HANA on the VMware platform gives customers more options for deployment.

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Virtualizing the SAP HANA® Platform

Learn why it makes sense to deploy SAP HANA® on an enterprise private cloud platform, powered by VMware and Secure-24.

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VMware Partner Community for SAP Solutions

As a result of the growing number of enterprises worldwide capitalizing on the benefits of VMware virtualization for their SAP solution-based environments, VMware has created a community of service partners qualified to provide support and services. VMware works closely with these partners to develop best practices and guidelines, to build ways for SAP solutions to utilize VMware virtualization, and to provide services supporting our joint customers. Community members have demonstrated expertise with both VMware and SAP solutions.

Partners: Join the Community

If you are looking for a consulting or services partner who can help you evaluate, plan, and implement a virtualized SAP environment, please consider contacting one of the listed VMware partner community members below:

AddOn Systemhaus GmbH
Contact: Martin Schauer
Phone: +49(6227)82 54 0


Advizex Technologies
Contac: Matt Gaudio
Phone: +1 216 901 1818


AtosOrigin Belgium
Contact: Walter van Loock
Phone: +32 (0)2 690 28 00


Contact: Jan Traas
Phone: +31 088 - 265 5555


Attenda Limited
Contact: Simon Hansford
Phone: +44-1784-211100


Bechtle AG & Co.KG 
Contact: Roland Koenig  
Phone: +49 (0) 94139600-0


Bristlecone Labs
Contact: Tim Quan
Phone: +1-866-588-1450


Cancom IT Solutions GmbH
Contact: Winfried Grünert
Phone: +49 (89) 540 54 566


cenit AG Systemhaus
Contact: Harald Purper
Phone: +49 711 7825-30


Contact: Volkmar Fries
Phone: +49 (0) 40 3 00530

Contact: Martina Wahr
Phone: 49-7545-9091-8862


Deloitte Consulting LLP
Contact: Rami Jumean 
Phone: +1 312-486-1000


Didas AG
Contact: Peter Andrae
Phone: +49 (0) 89-42046-155


EDB Business Partner Sverige AB 
Contact: Anders Harenius
Phone: +46 70 2044 994


EMC Deutschland GmbH
Contact: Wolfram Stattmann
Phone: +49 89-93091-484


Fritz & Macziol GmbH
Contact: Martin Drissner
Phone: +49 731 1551140


Hitachi Information Systems, Ltd. 

Contact: Hiroshi Yamaguchi  
Phone: +81 44 812 7463


Melillo Consulting
Contact: George Culbertson
Phone: +1 732-563-8400


Contact: José Barbecho
Phone: +41 21 811 25 00


Civatree Technologies
Contact: Carolyn Woods
Phone: 416-347-7346

Norwin Technologies Inc.
Contact: Ed Flavin
Phone: 978-462-7314


Ontrack Solutions Pvt. Limited
Contact: Sunil Golani
Phone: +91 983399 7666


PC-Ware Information Technologies AG
Contact: Stefan Ehrhardt
Phone: +49 (0) 6172 / 177 65-170


Precision Computer Services
Contact: Michael FitzSimons
Phone: 203-929-0000


S&T Austria GmbH
Contact: Andreas Raith
Phone: +43 1 3678088


Sysdat GmbH 
Contact: Oliver Hertwig  
Phone: +49-0221 - 9 48 81-01


T-Systems North America
Contact: Gregory Smith, Ph.D
Phone: +1 650-369-1145


TExperts, Inc. 
Contact: Gerhard Saumweber  
Phone: +1-770 864-8888


Wharfedale Technologies, Inc.
Contact: Renee Borio
Phone: +1 (609) 8828826 x129