Why Healthcare Payers Choose VMware

Less Risk

Ensure digitally distributed customer and healthcare information is kept safe, even if a device is stolen or misplaced. Safeguard against dynamic threats. Keep customer satisfaction high by mitigating the risks and reputational damage of a breach. Automate compliance to stay current with industry regulations.

Improved IT and Security Staff Collaboration

Reduce the burdens on your IT and security staff around protecting apps and securing infrastructure. Build in, rather than bolt on, security within your digital infrastructure. Unify identity and device management, enforcing access decisions based on user authentication, device location tracking and granular control policies.

Strengthened and Transformed Security

Build security into IT deployment everywhere—clouds, data centers, edge and endpoint devices. Embrace intrinsic security via a software layer providing complete visibility and context into interactions between users and apps with third-party security services for intelligent protection. 

Streamlined Compliance

Automate compliance requirements. Use frameworks and unified, consolidated systems—on-premises, across multi-clouds and at the edge—to streamline auditing. Maintain data sovereignty to comply with rigorous regulatory and industry mandates. Contextualize policies, enable device wiping and deliver patches and upgrades from a central location.

Use Cases

Protect Member Information

Protect Member Information

Protect all endpoints and ensure your data and transactions remain secure with VMware infrastructure and security solutions. Safeguard against data loss with device management, controlled user access, app-level VPN and network segmentation. Harden, prevent, detect and respond proactively to threats.

Use Zero-Trust Access to Mitigate Cyberattacks

Use Zero-Trust Access to Mitigate Cyberattacks

Deploy a zero-trust environment with fine-grained security policies that protect servers, workstations, users and apps with VMware network and security solutions. Automate security to follow specific workloads as they move. Eliminate threats with distributed firewalls and unified cloud management.

Market Leaders Trust VMware

Medibank Gains Endpoint Visibility and Protection

Medibank Gains Endpoint Visibility and Protection

Discover how Medibank has prevented 100% of ransomware attack attempts since they deployed VMware Carbon Black solutions.

More Healthcare Payer Solutions

Deliver New Services Through Modern IT

Pivot to meet changing consumer expectations with agile digital infrastructure from VMware that cuts costs while supporting new business models and faster operations.

Empower Employees and Members

Deliver better information for better outcomes. Empower payer workforces and provide exceptional member experiences with VMware digital solutions.

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