Why Manufacturers Choose VMware 

Reduce Risk

Ensure digitally distributed designs, patents, formulas, manuals, supply chain and customer details are kept safe, even if a device is stolen or misplaced. Safeguard against dynamic threats. Mitigate the costs and risks of a breach. Automate compliance to stay current with industry regulations.

Gain Security and Visibility, Everywhere

Build security in everywhere. Embrace intrinsic security, a software layer providing complete visibility and context into interactions between users and apps with third-party security services for intelligent protection.

Simplify security operations

Make security and IT a team sport by building security into digital infrastructure rather than bolting it on to individual apps later. Unify identity and device management, enforcing access decisions based on user authentication, device location tracking and granular control policies.

Streamline Compliance and Auditing

Simplify auditing processes with unified and consolidated systems—on-premises, across multi-clouds and at the edge. Boost data protection and sovereignty while streamlining compliance with rigorous regulatory and industry frameworks. Contextualize policies and enable device wiping while delivering security patches and upgrades from one location.

Use Cases

Create a Zero-Trust Environment to Manage Risk

Safeguard designs, 2D and 3D models and more with app monitoring, encryption, threat detection and automated remediation. VMware network and security solutions include micro-segmentation, which creates a zero-trust environment where predefined policies are added automatically, mitigating damage.


Ensure Security and Compliance of Data at the Edge

Ensure your data and transactions remain secure and in compliance at all sites. Deliver a zero-trust architecture with controlled user access, application-level VPN and app network segmentation with VMware SD-WAN and security solutions. Harden, detect and respond proactively against threats.


Seiko Epson Detects Hidden Attack Vectors

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printers and imaging equipment, having a strong security posture is critical. Seiko Epson is now able to detect and prevent advanced threats with VMware Carbon Black.

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More Manufacturing Solutions 

Modernize Manufacturing IT

Build modern apps and standardize on consistent multi-cloud infrastructure. Virtualize and automate to cut expenses. Seamlessly manage any app, cloud or device with common tools and skills while protecting IP. VMware solutions drive costs out of IT to fund R&D, IoT and design center initiatives.

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Empower Employees, Contractors and Suppliers

Boost productivity by enabling secure collaboration between employees and suppliers through access to data and apps—even graphic-intensive 3D modeling—anytime on any device. Digital workspace, mobile and edge technologies from VMware empower teams working beyond the factory floor.

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