SD-WAN: Connecting Thousands of Sites, Effortlessly

To interconnect branch offices, traditional WAN technologies require costly links, multiple boxes per site, and complicated network architectures. An SD-WAN takes the hub and the spoke out of your WAN. It provides seamless branch office connectivity to any number of network edges, interconnected by a virtual network, orchestrated from a single point.

Infrastructure to Serve Everyone, Everywhere

Yesterday the hybrid WAN allowed you to leverage private and broadband connections to your branch offices. 4G LTE connected those on the move, stationary sights, and offices that couldn’t get a broadband connection.

Today a cloud-delivered SD-WAN helps you remove the complexity that comes with a profusion of boxes and convoluted configurations. SD-WAN allows you to orchestrate business and processes, quality of service (QoS) and security policies, as well as application access, regardless of where the worker or the application is, or what physical devices or networks may connect them at the moment of access. Flexible and location-independent, the SD-WAN steers traffic directly between source and destination — mobile-worker or remote office, to SaaS server — allocating bandwidth and prioritizing traffic to provide the appropriate end-user experience.


SD-WAN for Financial Institutions

Deliver enterprise-grade branch WAN by using ordinary broadband Internet links.

Simplifying Branch Network Deployments

SD-WAN delivers performance and reliability utilizing inexpensive Internet broadband.

SD-WAN Products

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud

VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud provides bandwidth expansion as well as direct access to enterprise and cloud applications, and data. It also enables virtual services insertion in the cloud and on premises — while dramatically improving operational automation. VMware SD-WAN includes a distributed network of gateways, a cloud-based orchestrator and a branch platform, and VMware SD-WAN Edges.

Success Stories

Improved WAN Reliability, Reduced Branch CapEx

Devcon provides reliable access to cloud apps and improves remote collaboration by using SD-WAN.

“Having reliable VoIP and access to our modeling applications is a huge win. Plus the fact that we can deliver these benefits to our users while increasing IT efficiency and reducing costs—it doesn’t get much better than that. We have cut our operational costs by 50% by avoiding trips to remote locations for IT reasons.”

– Joe Tan, Director of IT for Devcon Construction

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