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Learn How Companies Like Yours Innovate with a Digital Foundation 

In a world of ever-accelerating change, VMware gives your business the flexible and reliable digital foundation you need to build, grow, and thrive. See how VMware’s technology innovation can fuel your business innovation.


Redefining the Automotive Industry

Ford is transforming from a car company to a mobility company. A VMware digital foundation helps Ford rapidly develop solutions that enable its customers to move naturally and seamlessly.

“The company's going through a very big transformation as we move to become a mobility company, creating smart vehicles and smart cities.”

— Jeff Lemmer, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, IT

Memorial Healthcare

Empowering Healthcare Professionals

Memorial Healthcare empowers its staff with secure access to healthcare apps and patient data anytime, anywhere, using VMware cloud and mobility solutions.

“Infrastructure is so vitally important to us to continue to improve our systems … and deliver quality systems to our clinicians—and ultimately our patients.”

— Thomas Kurtz, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Services

Smithfield Foods

Ensuring High-Quality Food

VMware hyperconverged solutions help this international food producer deliver quality and savings from farm to table.

“Technology actually allows us to provide a better product to people—nobody wants to not have hot dogs for the 4th of July.”

— Jeffrey Thomas, Chief Technology Officer

City of North Las Vegas

Powering an Urban Transformation

North Las Vegas has transformed into one of the most successful cities in the U.S. With VMware technology, the city now has the infrastructure it needs to facilitate growth and opportunity.

“Your residents should be expecting from you somebody who can look into the future and make their dreams come true. And technology has been one of the biggest things that we did to jump start this success.” 

— John Lee, Mayor, City of North Las Vegas

Redefine What’s Possible in Your Organization

Discover New Possibilities

Secure cloud and mobile technologies are changing the way we do everything, from work to play. See how VMware customers are realizing new possibilities for their businesses, their customers, and the world.


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Accelerate Business Innovation

VMware enables a culture of possibility so employees can build what they need, when they need it. Explore VMware’s IT transformation story and learn how the company tackled challenges and accelerated business growth through innovation.

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Build Your Digital Foundation

A flexible, secure digital foundation can help your organization unlock value from today’s technologies and prepare to take advantage of those to come. Our interoperable cloud, mobility, and security solutions form the digital foundation you need to power business transformation.