Modern Apps Are Reshaping How We Live and Work

From paying bills to collaborating with coworkers to saving lives, we depend on modern apps at home and at work. It’s no surprise that enterprises are prioritising the development and delivery of modern apps as part of their digital transformation strategy. See how these businesses are transforming their industries with modern apps.

Optimise Your Modern App Strategy

Streamline the delivery of modern apps by employing the right technologies.


Modern Apps at Work

What Does It Take to Deliver Modern Apps?

It takes a development environment that’s speedy, scalable and more secure. Explore how you can create cloud-native apps and modernise traditional apps in a Kubernetes environment with VMware Tanzu.




Modern Apps at Work

Accelerate Cloud and Mobile App Development with Containers

What are containers and Kubernetes, and how can they help your organization? Learn how these technologies enable you to speed development of modern apps while simplifying management.


VMware Tanzu

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Introducing VMware Tanzu

To succeed, organisations have to be good at software: using it to drive innovation, to stay competitive and to keep customers and employees happy. Being good at software means giving developers the tools they need to create modern apps—while minimising risk and maintaining reliability. 

That’s where the VMware Tanzu portfolio comes in.

VMware Tanzu is a family of products and services for modernising applications and infrastructure with a common goal: to deliver better software to production, continuously. 

Watch the video and read the article to learn more about VMware Tanzu.


Everything You Need to Know About Kubernetes

Kubernetes can help accelerate the creation and delivery of modern apps. Read our e-books to find out how.

Support Modern Apps with a Cloud-Native Approach

A cloud-native approach gives organisations the maximum flexibility for developing and running modern apps. Discover how people, process and technology combine to drive cloud-native success.


Empower a Culture that Thrives in a Modern Apps World

Getting the culture right between development and IT operations is critical for container and Kubernetes success. Learn how to empower a cloud-native culture.



T-Mobile on Building a Cloud-Native Organisation

Watch Joe Beda (left, VMware principal engineer and Kubernetes co-creator) and Warren McNeel (senior vice president of information technology at T-Mobile) discuss how T-Mobile is transforming technology, people and processes to reshape the customer experience.

VMware Principal Engineer Joe Beda and T-Mobile SVP Warren McNeel

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Learn More About VMware Modern App Solutions


Modernise Apps in a Multi-Cloud World

VMware modern app solutions can help you deliver better software, more rapidly, for any cloud.

Learn How 
Ray O'Farrell

Enable Digital Transformation with Modern Apps

VMware EVP Ray O’Farrell explains how you can build, run and manage your app portfolio on any cloud.

Read The Interview 

Ship Great Software, Faster

VMware Tanzu helps modernise applications and infrastructure to deliver better software to production, continuously.

Explore VMware Tanzu