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HOL testing


This is HOL vSan page for testing.

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Cloud Computing FAQ

Find the answers to your questions about vCloud Air in the FAQs below.   These get updated regularly, but if you can't find the answer, you can also post it to the vCloud Air Community Forum.

FAQ - Advanced Networking


What are Advanced Networking Services?

vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services is a re-invented model for public cloud security that improves overall network manageability and accelerates application time-to-market by delivering a powerfully agile and cost-efficient platform for zero-trust security in the cloud. Built on VMware NSX technology, these services offer customers a path toward true hybrid networking in conjunction with the vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Manager.

What are Trust Groups?

Implemented by kernel module distributed firewalls, Trust Groups isolate and secure each individual VM and application in the cloud down to the Layer 2 level, commonly seen as one of the most vulnerable points in network security. This effectively quarantines any external or internal network security compromise, isolating east-west traffic even between VMs on the same network segment. Security Policies are centrally managed, inheritable, and nestable, so networking and security administrators can easily manage them at scale. Additionally, once deployed, your defined security policy will follow a VM or application wherever it moves in vCloud Air.

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