VMware App Volumes Provides Faster Application Delivery and Simplified Management

Apps on Demand Demo

Watch this short demo showcasing the Apps on Demand feature available in VMware App Volumes. Apps can be delivered on-demand whenever users click to launch apps from their desktop or start menu.

App Volumes Blog

App Volumes simplifies app management and delivers innovations in lifecycle management. Learn more about App Volumes in the blog.

What Does App Volumes Do?

Agile Services Delivery

Leverage VMware’s Instant Clones, App Volumes, and Dynamic Environment Manager to simplify management of the operating system, applications, and user personalization. By doing so, all the component pieces together can be reconstituted on-demand to deliver desktops and apps across any infrastructure topologies – delivered to any device.

Simplified Application and User Management

Provide application and user management across virtual desktop, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, and RDSH/ published application environments powered by VMware Horizon. Support enterprise-scale capabilities such as streamlined updates and assignments, quick and easy rollbacks and application lifecycle management.

Dramatically Lowers IT Costs

Support a truly stateless desktop with no trade-off between user experience and costs. Deliver zero-downtime updates, and one-to-many provisioning while lowering storage and operational costs.

Enables Reliability Through a Modern Architecture

With Apps on Demand, provision applications faster, deliver context-aware user policy and isolate apps as needed for a personalized, reliable and consistent user experience. Apps on Demand from App Volumes makes app delivery faster, app and image management more efficient, and helps with app modernization.


Use App Volumes to Grow Services and Save Costs

Learn how OGL Computer was able to grow their service revenue by 700% by using App Volumes in their Citrix environment.

VMware Horizon Outperforms Citrix in Principled Technologies

Learn how VMwae Horizon offers many advantages over Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

Apps on Demand Webinar

Learn from our experts how you can save Day Two management costs using Apps on Demand.

JustStart Program

Do a pilot with VMware services partners to deliver 10 published apps in 20 days.

"VMware App Volumes is actually one of the cooler technologies we employ here at the hospital. We are able to separate the OS image from the application images. If there is a change in any application, you can make that change and present it to the user exactly when they want it. Even if only one person wants it, it allows us to install that application and use App Volumes to present that application to just that user, and make them happy. From an IT perspective, we want to say yes more than no. App Volumes makes it possible for us to say yes.”


Austin Park, Principal Consultant, LCMC Health


Powerful Application and User Management

App Volumes makes it easy to deliver, update, assign, and manage the lifecycle of applications and users across virtual desktop (VDI) and published application environments.


Context-aware user policy and profile management provides secure and personalized access to desktops and apps.

Transform and Modernize Apps with Apps on Demand

App Volumes helps IT to move their legacy apps to the cloud with 99% app compatibility. For example, file types such as EXE, MSI, ZIP, JAR and virtualization formats like ThinApp and MSIX app attach are supported. All of this with no re-coding requirement.


App Volumes helps with app lifecycle management from updates, patching to redeploying apps across different VDI, DaaS, and app environments such as VMware Horizon, Citrix, and Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop with Windows 10 multi-session.

Lower IT Costs without Impacting Users

App Volumes delivers a customizable and persistent user experience across desktop sessions, reducing management costs by efficiently delivering applications from one virtual disk to many desktops or published application servers.

Support a truly stateless desktop with no trade-off between user experience and costs. Manage applications in volumes, reducing storage capacity requirements by 70% without impacting network and compute resources and decouple operating system images and applications to help reduce the number of images being managed by up to 95%.


Each App Volumes edition is available in two license models:

  • Per Named User: For virtual environments with staff that need dedicated access to a virtual machine throughout the day.
  • Per Concurrent Connection: For virtual environments with a high number of shift workers where machines are shared between workers throughout the day (e.g. students, shift workers).

Choose Your Edition

Edition Name


Horizon Apps Universal Subscription

App delivery with a full suite of cloud management services and automation for hybrid cloud deployment. This license includes App Volumes entitlement.

Horizon Enterprise Plus Subscription

Desktop and application delivery with a suite of cloud management services and automation for on-premises or cloud deployment. This license includes App Volumes entitlement.

Horizon Universal Subscription

Desktop and application delivery with a full suite of cloud management services and automation for hybrid and multi-cloud deployment. This license includes App Volumes entitlement.

Getting Started

Get started with real-time application delivery and user management in your desktop (VDI) and published application deployment with App Volumes.

Running Horizon?

App Volumes is included in VMware Apps Universal Subscription, VMware Enterprise Plus Subscription, and VMware Horizon Universal Subscription licenses. Upgrade to any of these to realize the benefits of the next generation of desktop and application delivery platform.

Running Citrix?

Optimize your published apps running on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment with VMware App Volumes. With Apps on Demand you will modernize the traditional published app deployments while reducing infrastructure costs and app management time to enhance your investment in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

Running RDSH?

Enhance your RDSH environment with VMware App Volumes enabling real-time application delivery, application isolation and user management that takes your environment to the next level.

Running Azure Virtual Desktop?

Manage app lifecycle and use Apps on Demand features from App Volumes for better app management on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop environments. Refer this deployment guide on the suggested steps.

Running Amazon AppStream 2.0?

Stream apps efficiently with App Volumes support for Amazon AppStream 2.0. You can deploy App Volumes for AppStream 2.0 by following the steps here

Running Persistent VDI?

Leverage one-to-many provisioning model, save infrastructure costs, and simplify app management for your persistent VDI environment with our App Volumes beta program. Click here to participate today.

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